Korea's exchange top 5 popular tokens is not ICX

I thought ICX used to be the darling token of South Korea. Wonder why is it not gaining the attention that it deserves. Curious to know what is happening on the ground for Korean investors, do people talk about ICX in any way?


This is a personal thought.

I’m a Korean.
Koreans are interested in rising coins and coins advertised by famous people.
icx was over 100 pieces from its peak and was overly neglected in marketing.
And in the meantime, it hasn’t risen much compared to other coins.

In addition to the recent increase in the price of the icon, the marketing of the icon team has led to interest in Korean coiners.

However, I think it is necessary for icons to be actively marketed with representative celebrity like Ethereum and Ada.

Recently, icx trading volume is rising in Korea as well.

Considering that the premium went up to 40% in Korea at the end of 2017, if the price rises, the transaction volume in Korea will increase significantly, but I think stronger marketing is needed.



I gather this same sentiment about Korea, they are only interested in price moving coins.

Thank-you for sharing this