Keeping Myiconcommunity website going with up to date content

Hello Icon Community, I’m the creator of “ICON’S very own news aggregator”.

So far this website has been maintained solely by me including the initial server, plugin and theme costs with also the time and effort spent making this site come to life for just under 1 year.

Project Description

Here at Myiconcommunity, you will find that each project has its own space to get its latest news, relevant links, social feed and a little bio.

We also aggregate all youtube/news content relevant to ICON that’s displayed in a very intuitive way for new users to have a one-stop shop for content for all things icon.

The website also includes.

  1. ICON Q/A

  2. Community Articles

  3. Prominent Iconists Twitter feed

  4. Lunar Crush data for Social Intelligence

Of course, this needs constant updates as every other week we have a new project being built on ICON likewise with new content from our community.

I’m more than happy to keep constant updates to the website and also to look for ways to evolve and collaborate with Icon partners with the below funding from the CPS.

Project Cost/Duration

$300 p/m for 6 months ($1800 total)

  • server/domain costs

  • Plugin theme costs

  • Content update

  • Time spent to find valuable resources icon related

Project Milestones

To include all projects that are bringing value to our ecosystem and scrape the internet of all things icon related so that they are categorised on our websites like videos/articles, influencer content and much more. This will need to be updated constantly and with CPS backing I will make sure that things are done as close to real-time as possible.

Please visit our website to get a better idea of how this is done. (please click the link above, limited to 2 links as a new user)


The initial building of the website is a gift from me to the ICON ecosystem as it’s where I learned most about blockchain tech and I felt compelled to give something back within my skill set. Because all expenses are coming up for renewal I would highly appreciate it if I can get funding from the CPS to cover those and a little extra for my work to keep things updated.

I look forward to getting some feedback and hopefully, we can get a P-rep to back me.


This looks great. I support it. I think it should go on the awesome-icon list as well!

Thank you for the support, Eric. Yeah, that would be awesome to get a spot on there.
I will also look at how it’s best to embed that repository on the myiconcommunity website.

Added to the list! Feel free to submit PRs or raise issues if you have more suggestions for cool projects for that list :slight_smile:

How much traffic does the site get currently?

Do you have statistics on your monthly visitors?

I’m not sure how much value this will add to the eco-system. I believe we already have multiple ways for people to stay up to date.

I don’t think we need another content gatherer tbh. I think it would be a better idea to spend money on the content creators rather than the content gatherers.

Just my 2 cents.

Wish you all the best obviously.


@skanderberg Would you be planning to include a way to facilitate content creation as a part of the product roadmap?

Hi, Eric Thanks for including the site.

Screenshot 2022-08-22 at 18.26.34|689x421

As you can see when I first created the site and was engaging with social media there was quite a substantial amount of traffic but of course, I couldn’t maintain that kind of effort constantly as it’s a huge effort with no source of income to back it.

The site averages around 40 views per month organically (being in a bear market doesn’t really help)Screenshot 2022-08-22 at 18.31.12|690x311.

Here is some Keyword ranking information.


But with the right on-site/off-site SEO these can be improved dramatically, I haven’t done any work related to this.

Here are more details on the keywords that we are ranking for organically.

Yes, when I first started the website I was actively trying to get members of the community to use this platform as their go to place to write content. So far only @hyper_connect (Team member at Karma DAO & Convexus) has taken this up. Here is the tweet showcasing this as-well as the final blog.

Here is a [blog](https: //myiconcommunity. com/btp/btp-summary/) I put together which included my own comparison table for interoperability solutions, That I created that won the HX57. io bounty.

I was planning to include all HX57 .io content but they have come to a standstill I believe for now.

I agree we need much more content creators at ICON. Could you please link me to another content gatherer as I haven’t seen one to date. It would be really interesting to see their approach. which is (royally) funded by CPS already.

And several Twitter accounts are following all Icon related stuff and people can also find a lot of help and info in the Discord.

I think multiple content aggregators are useful, and the budget request for this is reasonable. I don’t typically like to follow Twitter or Discord announcements that much, although I know a lot of people do. I prefer YouTube and generic internet page search

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They are more content creators as to content aggregators.

If you check this [link](https:// myiconcommunity. com/community-articles/) I have included all their articles which are updated in real-time and a few other sources like icon foundation medium pages and some prominent iconists. But I totally respect your point of view, if I was asking for a large sum of money I personally would rather it spent on content creation but for the sum requested I think it’s very reasonable to keep myiconcommunity going.

Also to note not every person who comes to Icon will have the same sources that you may have to bring attention to what’s happening in and around ICON, that’s where I believe myiconcommunity fills that gap. As I try to be inclusive of all content creators and new users can have a variety of content creators to choose from.

Just added awesome-icon list to the side-bar of the site as a card :slight_smile:

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