Karma Bond Smart Contract Audit

Dear ICON Foundation,

As part of our CPS funded project Karma Bond, a component of the Karma Finance ecosystem, we have reached out to SlowMist for a quote to audit the smart contracts. Please find the details of the quote below.

Quotation from SlowMist Audit Team:

Project: Karma Finance
Type: DeFi
Module: Karma Bond
Code Lines: 1741
Complexity: Medium
Audit Workload: 10 working days
Audit Scope: common vulnerabilities and business logic vulnerabilities, black box and white box testing. Similar to their standard offering here: Smart Contract Security Audit Service Introduction, Exchange Security Solution - SlowMist - Focusing on Blockchain Ecosystem Security

Total is $32,000 USDT

Please let me know if this is acceptable. Thank you for your support.


@hyper_connect I’m not the person to make this decision, but I would be interested to hear what other people have to say. @shikamaru any thoughts?

@errcsool @hyper_connect

Overall looks good to me and seems reasonable. It’s been relayed internally :+1:

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Thank you @shikamaru. The launch of Karma Bond will depend on the completion of this audit.


@hyper_connect this request has been approved. Please DM me on telegram (same handle) to discuss administrative processes.

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