K-pop Content Promoter Progress Report #4 (Final)

Report Name: Application Development: K-Pop Content Promoter

Reporting Period: 2020.10.21 - 2020.11.20 (1 month)

Report Description:
The integration development between K-Pop Content Promoter and Presented LIVE has been completed! Now users on Presented LIVE can earn ACT points and use them to purchase e-tickets or get discounts.

As we described in the grant application, our system generates unique links with referral information by each content and sharer. It tracks the expansion of the content and records meaningful information on the blockchain. In the meantime, users can earn ACT points by their contribution and the tokens(ACT) are saved to their wallet on their STAYGE account.

Once users get their rewarded ACT points, they can use them in the Presented Store to buy e-tickets for the live events.

Since we developed more features and functionalities than we planned in the grant application, our development period extended. So we couldn’t perform an actual marketing campaign with this system yet. But we’re starting a marketing campaign from next week, and it’ll be as below:

Step 1: Perform a paid marketing campaign on Facebook, Google, etc.
Step 2: Lead the traffics to a landing page. - https://live.presented.kr/special/get-tickets
Step 3: Show a list of e-tickets that is available with their ACT points. - https://store.presented.kr/en/product-category/presented-live/presented-live-act-en/

The initial budget for the paid marketing campaign is coming from the grant, however, we’ll increase our budget even after the CGP period is finished if we prove that this marketing strategy is efficient enough to drive the revenue, wallet generation, and tx.

Project Completion Percentage: 100%

Remaining Time to Completion: Completed.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project:

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