K-Pop Content Promoter Progress Report #2

Report Name: Application Development: K-Pop Content Promoter

Reporting Period: 2020.08.21 - 2020.09.20 (1 month)

Report Description:
We decided to extend our project for 1 month. Of course, we will ask ICON foundation to delay our grant for one month.

Since Presented LIVE, our recent project, is getting more and more interests from the market, our team decided to integrate K-Pop Content Promoter functions more strongly with Presented LIVE. Our development team worked very hard for last one month for this project, however, we found that we need more time to accomplish our goal.

After its launching on last June, Presented LIVE is already generating revenue, and even exceeded the BEP. We’re very excited about how K-pop Content Promoter will accelerate our business.

Project Completion Percentage: 40%

Remaining Time to Completion: 2 months (1 month extended)

Expected Results for the Next Period:
Strong integration between K-Pop content promoter and Presented LIVE.

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