K-Pop Content Promoter Progress Report #1

Hi everyone,
Here is the first progress report for K-pop Content Promoter by STAYGE.

Report Name: Application Development: K-Pop Content Promoter

Reporting Period: 2020.07.20 - 2020.08.20 (30 days)

Report Description:
During the first one-month period of the total three-month project, the following functions were developed for future project execution.

  • Cookie collection code development on the landing page
  • Private link generation code development
  • Data collection code development on Content distribution via referral and private links

Additionally, we did the development for integration with Presented LIVE service, which is our main business focus of the recent few months. It was not planned at the time of the CGP application, but we expect better results by integrating the K-Pop Content Promoter function with our new service.

Project Completion Percentage: 33%

Remaining Time to Completion: 2 months

Expected Results for the Next Period:
As mentioned earlier, STAYGE is now focusing on its new service, Presented LIVE. Therefore, our team will perform development and artist collaboration for the next period of the project so that the K-pop Content Promoter function can be integrated better with Presented LIVE service.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project:

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