It should be led by the foundation and p-rep to support the currently popular dapps and create innovative dapps

What are the characteristics of Icon?
I don’t know. we are nothing special
BTP is, of course, an outcome that must be competitive. I don’t think BTP can solve everything. In my opinion, innovative and robust dApps are the most important.

The foundation and p-rep should lead the way rather than wait.

Whether it’s finding innovative themes and ideas and putting them on CPS, finding great teams to develop them, and so on.

Metaverse and games look the best.


  1. Collecting nfts and building a village by building cars, houses, etc. with the collected nfts
  2. Strengthen the collected nft to wager and battle with opponents
  3. The theme of nft horse racing also looks good (pay your own money to participate and bet)

@How to increase your lasting purchasing power.

These nft can be combined to create higher rarity nft, but there are also systems that destroy if they fail.we are behind It’s not the time to backtrack.