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Hello Icon Community,
I have been a follower of the blockchain Bitcoin era since the end of 2018 to present. As life goes on for us all we must adapt to any dangers that want to hurt us and keep the sacred air blessed and plentiful. Without air to breath there would be no hope and down goes Frasier with the KO donezo. Well when your life is lived mostly alone never married and with time everything known to be close and trustworthy is now no place to be found!! It only figures that I own more digital value that can be all thrown to the fire and forever be forgotten wasted and lost because of no security options for Men and Woman who walk alone. I have some ideas that maybe I could developing some type of Security vault where you can store and save whatever data or sensitive information safely inside a strong digital vault. i believe after further research a man could write his own will and estate with whatever last requests or wishes a man might have. With the smart contract the user then sets up different securities in case something unexpected happens, the thought was something yearly that you have to reset if you need it to still be there and work for you. If you don’t acknowledge the request then a organized chain of events then starts to play out and the smart contract starts making calls sending texts and or emails with a sequential order to follow. Once someone is reached the smart contract sends calls emails to find person requested and hopefully something like this may safe a lot of people as time carries on…, Very rough synopsis but a real problem currently had and belief it could change the spectrum of estates and wills of those with assets to leave. Please ask any questions that may help to better understand the crypto space.

I think this is more of a legal issue than a technical one. Certainly is technically feasible and has in fact already been done.
See here a law review article from last year that explores this exact topic in a good deal of depth.
(Note: Not yet an attorney, but am in law school)

My thoughts and actual need explaining it simply is I need to create a secure vault such as a wallet that has your back if something unexpected happens and nobody knows what finances you have in defi or on blockchain and somethhng God for bid happen that isn’t just lost like something in space never seen again. everyone’s life is becoming self reliant on a smart phone you can relieve a life by someone’s phone messages who and where they went were with times everything so what I need is definitely possible and says let’s be #1… Need a smart contract that you can enter the the sensitive information once a year if not told your ok and to reset itself the smart contract doesn’t open from user putting its password it then it will call numbers left to call. Email email address of emails left and continues what process its given or told until being turned back off from the password and whomever is the chosen one now just might change the world with what somebody they one loved trailblazer and started… If something happens to me everything in this space will also be dead and not actively a part of the market imagine who few of us there are now because of it being so new and yet how much is already and will be lost and forgotten im ready to work hard and try and create something new with Icon who else?

I understand the need - basically a digital, automated “will” of sorts. That paper seems to suggest some people have done that already, though unfortunately I can’t help as to where to find those. Perhaps somebody else could chime in with that, I just wanted to pass along an interesting article that explores the topic, & now want to note that you can (and perhaps should) accomplish your goals in the meantime with an attorney & a regular will. You can put your digital assets & passwords etc. in a regular legal will and they’ll be secure & passed on like any other assets in an estate. (Not legal advice though!)

Definitely won’t be as efficient as it would be in pure code, but wills offers protections not available in a purely-digital “will” (e.g. what if your beneficiary passes away at the same time as you? what if they change their contact info before you got the chance to update it? what if that happens to your backup person as well? etc.).

I’m definitely not saying there’s no value in developing this sort of tool, & in fact further development here may drive the legal adoption, just wanted you to be aware that regular wills can protect you like you’re envisioning in the meantime :slight_smile:

I appreciate the option except for another factor that is of high value to me and that is keeping the decentralized autonomy keeping the security and privacy along with it meaning nobody has my private keys or control of them except myself and what’s my business is just that. Leveraging a smart contract and platform to do what its asked to at certain time and dates is what this blockchain is more than capable of and just as BTC back in2008 nothing that’s a norm, With some learning and introducing eventually just as finance is changing and being newly rewritten to brand new things not before done. The leisure and simplicity of the vision I see for this is not small and will some point trend into the future just as gasoline engine powering your car or even letting your robo Tesla go out and Taxi Customers without you having to driving them. Thank you again for the thoughts

I’m not so much looking for one but for a developer or team to work with and create our own venture on the Icon blockchain was why I posted like I did.