Isoverse: An Isometric NFT game to promote NFT artists. (Phase 1/2)

Executive Summary

We are developing an online community game inspired by virtual art and community, this is where your favourite online isometric game meets NFT’s. The game play is strongly inspired by the advancement in the NFT industry, which allowed artists to create digital art, and for collectors to display them. Isoverse, aims to provide utility for NFT’s, by collaborating the artists with the collectors, facilitating the NFT to be added in-game. Importantly, one of the core principles is to integrate NFT communities together, providing a game where artists create, enabling collectors from alternative chains to all collect from each other. Ultimately, our goal is to create the platform ready for the entire NFT space, creating an environment for already existing NFT’s and for the creation of new art.


A community game that allows players to have their own rooms, in the long term we aim to transfer to a concept of cities/land. Players are encouraged to be artistic with their environment and to ‘show off’ their NFT’s, whilst artists are encouraged to create NFT 3d models, that can be implemented into the rooms. Players are encouraged to design rooms fascinating, to attract visitors to their room.


As the game is an online NFT community game, players are able to talk and interact with each, through movements. The core mechanics of the game relates to NFT’s from the marketplace of each chain, which links the NFT data from the blockchain to the game. In the future, players are able to vote on game governance and which artists NFT’s will enter the game, based upon aesthetics and price. As a side note, for stability reasons, it is important that the furniture is valued in native currencies to support artists.

Game elements
Most of the game will concentrate around rooms, furniture to begin with. Much of the furniture will be left for the artists to create. We will start off mostly with rooms and rare items related to the chain. Here is a sneak peak of our room:

The team is a collaboration of experienced and skilled game developers, 3d designers, artists and reliable smart contract developers.

Total Development costs:

This will be split into two phases:

Phase one:
Salary Months Total
Full-time Unity developer 3500 4 14000
Game UX/UI 3000 3 9000
Animation artist 3000 4 12000
Full-time graphics designer 4000 4 16000
Phase two:
Full-time Unity developer 3500 4 14000
Full-time graphics designer 4000 4 16000
Smart-contract developer 3000 4 12000
Front-end developer 2700 3 8100

Token economics:

TBD: However, the general direction is to reward purchasers of game items with tokens that can be redeemed for in-game items, these items and/or tokens will also have a voting right in the future.

DeFi is being considered, however, this will need more thought if we would like to tailor the game towards a DeFi direction

Benefit to ICON:

The game will utilise ICX and work on the ICON blockchain, thus, bringing tx to the network and attracting new users to the network. The game also took the direction to support the ecosystem – we will do this by not creating our own NFT marketplace – utilising CRAFT. This will hopefully attract more (NFT) artists to CRAFT when we run competitions for new in-game items.
We will also be working on developing tools and open-sourcing the know-how on how to create games on the ICON blockchain.

How BTP fits into this:

Items, certain rare items will be released onto specific chains, suitable for their genre, we hope in the future when a mechanism is built for BTP to transfer NFT’s, this would provide the ability for players from one ecosystem, to bring over desired items from other chains through utilising BTP.

At the point in which the game has deployed successfully onto a few chains, an artist community would be incentivised to create NFT’s to be deployed on to the game. A complication with this issue is that different communities will have different artists and the decision to add item’s/nft’s into the game should not be a decision made by a selective few or only one portion of players. In general terms, one country should not be able to decide global order.

Currently, we have reached one solution we find suitable:

All chains will have tokens distributed amongst players according to their activity, artists (NFT creators) will submit proposals through a hub, this will require tokens from all other chains to be wrapped (through BTP) on to the chain where the voting takes place.

In-game NFT’s created by the players will also be attractive for players from other ecosystems to bridge over the NFT’s so that they can access the NFT through their account from their habitual chain.

A huge milestone for BTP would be to enable Inside game trading of NFT between different chains.

Road Map

Month Game Dev Design
1-3 Isometric movements, Isometric player, Isometric mapping of the game. Finalise: Logo’s, branding
Begin developing inventory for the player and single player functions such as moving from room to room. Prototype furniture and other in-game assets
Creating the multiplayer aspect of the game work on ux/ui
4-6 Creation of a working C# SDK for unity to ICON blockchain create a variety of standardised characters
Start linking to the blockchain and functions to allow players to log-in to the game Theorise and deploy strategy to integrate communities into the game
Link NFT’s from the blockchain to the 3D version in the game Continue the creation of a complete range for in-game assets
Finalising Multiplayer aspect of the game (after blockchain integration)
Work on in-game chat
Create a Unity-IPFS game visualiser to allow players to put up their NFTs on the wall
7-8 Launch in Beta, Finalize marketing material, work on promotion, create in-game trailers, build a community, fix bugs Finalise characters, in-game assets
Theorise and deploy strategy to integrate communities into the game

Before applying for CPS, I wanted to make sure that we could execute the game. We have already built a prototype of the basics of the game: player logs in, selects rooms etc. For the graphics, initial concepts have been drawn and met the high standards (see the concept above), furthermore, some prototyping of in-game assets have been done.

Just to bump this thread, I am seeking to restart this project after assembling the right team to proceed with.

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Hi Ali,

I like the concept, though in my opinion very light in detail and I suppose when you are able to obtain more expertise this might be fleshed out more.

It is a great idea to think about multichain capabilities as this should widen your reach, I am hoping with the timeline you have set out this will be achievable, as it solely relies on xCall being finished, the idea I feel is sound though.

I am not a developer, but have been in a few projects with this type of concept, please don’t underestimate the time you will need for development and testing, I feel you should give yourself a bit longer to give yourself buffer (even if you have some prototyping as inevitably this will change completely), 10-11 months would be good to get a polished version out into the open.

One last thing to note, I see you want to focus on promotion of NFT collections/artists, don’t sell yourself short, I would think big and add a later phase that caters for online shops for when Blockchain becomes mainstream, might as well be ahead of the curve than falling down the outside of it.

Rewards in both directions can be royalty % for you and cost to set up on your ‘land’ and for the people using it - aside from tokens, you can think about in game drops which would cost you nothing but a bit of design work i.e. couch/lamp/flooring décor.

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Thank you for your feedback,

Yes Multi-chain is the vision, this way it includes more artists and more NFT communities - BTP is the method forward

Agreed regarding the shops, royalties and game drops. It’s all in the vision.

Thank you.


Hi Ali, maybe i don’t understand it correct, but are you describing virtual exhibitions? So artist can show their NFT’s and collectors can see them and buy them? Or am i completely wrong? But if so, what’s the gameplay and what is the difference with more traditional marketplaces like Craft on ICON or OpenSea on Ethereum?

Is the gameplay designing the rooms and have the own exhibition? Does attracting visitors give rewards to the collectors?

I’m also wondering why you decided to restart this 11 months later?

You see it raises questions for me. Maybe it’s just me, but i think some more details are needed.

Having said that, it would be great if this icoverse (great name) will run on the ICON blockchain and would create crosschain traffic!

Hello! I think connecting NFT and art and artists is a good idea, I personally follow metaverse projects and my opinion is that they are still very weak graphically! Don’t catch it. In this topic, I think I would put a lot of emphasis on the graphics. This will set you apart from the rest of the competition. Multi-chain thinking can be a big advantage.

Hi Ali. The concept is very interesting but the whole project seems quite challenging. Have you or any of the team experience in developing games before? If so, it would be good to highlight content that has been created to demonstrate that you’re more than capable to deliver on this ambitious project. You mention you’ve already built a prototype. I think it’d be a good idea to maybe share some snippets from it before going live on the CPS for voting

Hello Ali, I like the concept of using NFTs with games and especially the interoperability mode using the BTP mechanism to flow from one blockchain to another. And using CRAFT is also a great idea. However, there are a few points I would like to draw your attention to:
1- I believe that the development period, around 4 months for each of the 2 phases, is very optimistic. As I work in the IT area and I know the problems and mishaps that happen in a project, I see that this deadline may not be met, but I hope I am wrong.
2- In my opinion, partnerships with well-known artists are very important for the success of the project, especially in the beginning, to attract the community.
3- Delays in the development of the BTP engine may affect the idea of ​​making a game with a multichain vision.
4- You should think carefully when launching the project, as we are still in a bearish market and many launches are being postponed and others who kept the initial schedule were disappointed with the community’s receptivity. The games, mainly, are with low receptivity right now.

@Hook it’s similar to what you described, the game revolves around creativity, it does not aim to be a marketplace, but where users who create scenes, objects, art can display them. It’s not made to compete with NFT market place, its aimed to house NFT creators creations. It’s the place where creations come to place.

@Mrallin2 yes there’s a huge emphasis on the graphics, this is the main USP of the game, the graphics, creativity and the aesthetics, its not really an intrusive p2p game

@netuno Hey, I totally agree, a new time frame needs to be worked on, but the good news is that the Unity SDK is up and running. Well known artists and partnerships is a must, however, this can only be approached once there is a workable game. BTP is not necessary needed for the beginning and there’s still time until the game actually launches.


With a right roadmap and team can achieve a great dreams

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great work, still NFT good performance in the market keep continue build.

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Could you give more insight in the different roles you mention: players and artists.
Players/collectors will be able to exhibit NFT’s they own from a selection of NFT collections? With selection, I mean those which have been selected / voted on for being added to the Isoverse?

Players/collectors will not be able to exhibit any NFT they own? The collection needs to be ‘whitelisted’ first?

What type of activities will be limited to artists only?

Players will can be collectors, creators and artists.

Yes as the game begins to decentralize, artists will get a chance to submit assets into the game at X price, the price can be whatever the artists wants it to be and the players decide.

Yes assets will need to be whitelisted, this prevents people spamming with undesirable assets into the game. However, a main focus will be to integrate NFT communities, and allow for their assets to come to life; either as avatars or display props.

There’s no real differentiation between what artists do in the game vs collectors…

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I like the idea, I will have to take a look at it to be able to assess it better.
At first it looks like a kind of minecraft but for room design.
An interesting proposal for the gaming world is what Ajuna proposes, as I have read the achievements obtained will be registered in NFT and can be transferred to other games.
Do you think it’s a good idea for Isoverse?

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Hi Ali,

Very interesting developments! Maybe it’s me, but I am missing the part about what is the actual game.
I like the idea of rooms where you can expose your nfts, I’m sure there is a demand for this, since lot of people love to show theirs.
Could you eloborate more about the game aspect of it?

Hello Ali,
I have read your proposal with great interest. I think this game has potential. As a thought i will propose the next possibility: Maybe you could add some puzzles like in a escape room adventure? Or is that maybe another project for the future? I wish you all the luck with this project.

I think the concept is very cool, but a lot of its success will depend on attracting the engagement of existing NFT communities. I think this proposal would benefit immensely from the endorsements of the ICON NFT communities out there. As a collector I would be keen on using/playing this, but only if I can incorporate the NFTs I hold, and I expect that onboarding to be much smoother if it is actually actively supported and promoted by the NFT projects themselves.

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Overall, the proposal for Isoverse is quite informative. It provides a good understanding of the game mechanics, development costs, and token economics. The gameplay and mechanics sound intriguing and innovative, and the concept of allowing artists to create NFT 3D models to be implemented into players’ rooms is a great feature that can appeal to both NFT artists and collectors.

The proposal also considers the benefit to the ICON blockchain, as the game will utilize ICX and work on the ICON blockchain, which can bring more users and transactions to the network. The idea of not creating their own NFT marketplace but utilizing CRAFT can also help attract more NFT artists to CRAFT when they run competitions for new in-game items.

The proposal also acknowledges the importance of BTP and how it can fit into this game’s ecosystem, and the solution provided for different communities to vote for NFT items to be added to the game seems reasonable.

One suggestion for improvement would be to include more information about the target audience and marketing strategy to attract players and NFT artists to the game. Additionally, it might be useful to discuss how the team plans to ensure that the game is secure, and how they plan to handle issues such as fraud or hacking.

The proposal is well thought out and the concept behind Isoverse has the potential to be a unique and exciting addition to the NFT gaming space.


Hey Ali, i like the concept it reminds me of what Ecomi (OMI) are trying to do with their NFTs, where users can collect them and show them off in a “vault”. The Ecomi team have some very strong partnerships including Disney.

You mention it being a game, I wasn’t really able to understand what the game involves besides having furniture and your own room, creation of cities at a later date etc…

Could you give us some more info into the dynamics of the proposed game?

@gsan7 yes thats a good idea.

@Dirk cool suggestion

@CalZ that is the case

@angela @ArtAttack You can imagine it as a sort of, minecraft in creative mode but centred around web3 and nft communities.

@Parabollix thank you.

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