Introducing Multi-Chain Gaming: Gangwar's Integration of xCall's Centralized Relayer

In an innovative move, Gangwar, a semi-passive simulation-based game within the flourishing GangstaVerse ecosystem, is poised to venture into the dynamic realm of multi-chain gaming.

Understanding the value of interoperability, GangstaVerse plans to create a cross-chain tournament involving Base and ICON, two significant blockchains. With the help of this calculated move, the player population will be more diverse and the GangstaVerse ecology will appeal to people outside of the ICON community. The key to this endeavor’s effective cross-chain capability is xCall’s centralized relayer, which was selected because of its capacity to guarantee seamless interaction and communication across several blockchains.

Gangwar is set to leverage xCall’s centralized relayer in key aspects of its development, enhancing the overall gaming experience and fostering a connected ecosystem:

Architectural Overview:

Gangwar’s integration with xCall revolves around the utilization of a decentralized application (dApp) method, where a centralized adapter contract plays a pivotal role. This adapter contract emits a crucial “Message” event, a signal that is intercepted and acted upon by a custom relay which will be designed by GangstaVerse which is why this is a centralized relayer.

The relay is responsible for initiating transactions on the destination chain in response to the emitted message. More detail on how xCall handles the sending and receiving of the message on this link.

Key Components:

  1. xCalls Contract on Source and Destination Chains:

  2. xCall maintains a contract on both the source and destination chains, serving as the backbone for handling transactions and core message passing logic. This contractual infrastructure forms the foundation for secure and efficient communication between different blockchain networks.

  3. Custom Relay Setup:

  4. Gangwar has implemented its own custom relay, a dedicated system responsible for managing all bridge calls from the source to the destination chain.

  5. This bespoke relay architecture enables Gangwar to intercept Messages emitted by the centralized adapter contract and relay them to the destination chain for transaction execution.

  6. Message Emission and Recognition:

  7. The central adapter contract emits a “Message” event, serving as a trigger for transaction execution.

  8. Gangwar’s custom relay system is finely tuned to recognize and respond to Messages, identifying the source chain and facilitating the secure passage of information to the destination chain.

  9. Exception Handling Mechanism:

  10. In the event of transaction failures on the destination chain, Gangwar has implemented a robust listener mechanism.

  11. This listener ensures that any exceptions or errors are promptly identified and appropriately addressed, maintaining the integrity and reliability of the cross-chain transaction process.

Implementation of xCall in Gangwar’s Development:

  1. Tournament Team Formation:
  • Users from Base will employ xCall’s relayer service to communicate with ICON’s contract, facilitating their entry into a tournament pool. This mechanism streamlines the participation process, ensuring a seamless transition for players from Base into the cross-chain tournament.
  1. Equipping Weapons, Abilities, Items:
  • Through xCall’s relayer service, users from Base can effectively communicate with ICON’s contract to equip weapons, abilities, and items. This integration ensures that in-game elements are seamlessly added, contributing to a rich and immersive gaming experience.
  1. Reward Distribution:
  • xCall’s relayer service plays a pivotal role in the communication between Gangwar’s system and Base’s contract for the distribution of rewards. The airdrop of loot crates and other rewards is executed seamlessly, creating a fair and efficient reward distribution system.

Gangwar’s integration of xCall’s centralized relayer marks a significant leap forward in the realm of multi-chain gaming. As Gangwar steps into the multi-chain gaming space, the use of xCall stands as a testament to the ecosystem’s commitment to delivering a seamless and engaging gaming experience across diverse blockchain dimensions.