Introducing Contract Factory | Explore and Deploy SCOREs in ICON

Hey guys ! We gladly announce that smart contract deployer has been publicly released and has a domain called “Contract Factory”. Contract factory has been a journey developing/documenting different contracts over multiple iterations and integrating them on the frontend UI.

We believe that by providing easy access to these information and the ability to quickly deploy contracts, we aim to make it easier for users to understand and experiment with different SCOREs within the ICON ecosystem. This will not only help developers and entrepreneurs to prototype and test their ideas, but it will also help to introduce new users to the ICON ecosystem and increase overall adoption of the platform.

The current version contains all the detailed documentation that includes, background of the contract, technical details and limitations if any. There are currently two network on which a user can deploy a contract which is : a) Lisbon and b) Mainnet

For now, we will be taking a minimal fee of 10 ICX to deploy contracts and the contracts that are listed are as follows:

  1. Marketplace
  2. Token (compliant with IRC2)
  3. NFT Token (compliant with IRC3)
  4. NFT Token (compliant with IRC31)
  5. NFT Auction
  6. Airdrop (IRC2, IRC3, IRC31)
  7. DAO (Agora built by Staky team)

The current limitation of the system is once a contract is deployed and since it is an internal transaction i.e contract deployed by a contract. The record is not shown on the ICON tracker. We are looking into different solutions as to how to provide contract communication within the application itself. Right now you can head over to ICON web-studio and play around or make transactions with the contract.

Note: ICON web-studio supports the JAVA contracts as well.

We plan to continuously add more contracts to our development efforts. If you have any specific contracts that you would like to see, whether it’s from DeFi, GameFi, or other dApps, please let us know. Please note that all contracts have only undergone internal audits thus far, and we are actively exploring options to have them audited externally as well.

Here is the link of the repo consisting all the contracts:

We are here to hear feedback from you folks on what are your thoughts on the current version and what more can be done on the upcoming version which we definitely plan to build. Your feedback can definitely help the project and the community grow.