Interest payment time is delaying

I’m staking at iconex, but the interest payment keeps getting late. Was it originally?

I’m not sure you’re referring to I-Score, basically all activities on the blockchain are based on block heights, not time, and ICON Network calculates I-Score every 43,120 blocks. This is approximately a day if a block is always generated every 2 seconds, but since blocks can’t always be generated every 2 seconds, sometimes there is a delay depending on the network conditions.

So, it may take a day or more for 43,120 blocks to be generated depending on the network conditions.


I always let new token holders know that the time will slowly “shift” forward by 10-20 minutes each day because blocks sometimes take longer then exactly 2 seconds to generate or whatever.

This is normal and you will see rewards being generated slightly later each day.

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