Integration of ICON Blockchain Development Course into DevEra - Progress Report #5

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This is the 5th and final progress report for the ICON Blockchain Development Course at Devera(IT Academy and Career Training Center at Vietnam National University).

Report Name:

Integration of ICON Blockchain Development Course into Devera (IT Academy and Career Training Center at Vietnam National University).

Report Period:

December 1 - December 23

Report Description:

This report aims to highlight the works accomplished during the 5th month of our project to implement ICON Blockchain Development as a course at Devera:

The key focus of this period was performing a program evaluation, program structure redesign and preparation for the start of the next ICON course semester in January.

In summary, the following was performed:

1. Postponed ICON classes to comply with new COVID-19 restrictions enforced by Vietnam National University.

Unfortunately, due to the rising cases of COVID19 in the Ho Chi Minh city area, Vietnam National University briefly suspended in-class learning and following December 7th, classes were converted to online learning.

Unfortunately, the ICON classes were forced to be postponed, however classes will commence once students return to university in January 2021.

2. Performed a program evaluation to review performance.
We reviewed the performance of the pilot course.

  • Website KPIs (to ensure exposure to ICON network information and course details)
    Total number of visitors: 884

  • ICON Course KPIs
    Total number of workshops during semester: 2
    Total number of seminars: 1
    Total number of in-class course hours: 13

  • Student Participation KPIs
    Total number of participating students (workshops, seminar and course): 139
    Total number of ICON graduates: Delayed*

*Due to the sudden suspension of university in-class activities, ICON course students were unable to finish the ICON smart contract projects necessary to complete the course to receive certification. Students will continue the course and complete their ICON projects once the program recommences in January.

3. Began preparations for the next academic term starting January.

As advised by the university, we will recontinue ICON course classes in January 2021 pending no sudden changes to the university’s plan to reinstate in-person classes.
In preparation the following was conducted:

  • Restructuring of the marketing team and preparation of ICON course marketing plan for 2021.
  • Redesigning of program to adopt online classes as an alternative in the event of suspension of in-class activities in 2021.
  • Preparation of ICON featured workshops in January to coincide with the recommencement of the course.

Project Completion Percentage:

The pilot implementation of ICON Blockchain course is 100% complete.

Remaining Time:

The pilot implementation of ICON Blockchain course is complete.

Expected Results For The Next Period:

The project duration has been completed. However, the ICON course will still continue into 2021 and the works undertaken in this final period were in preparation of the following expected results:

  1. Recommencement of ICON Blockchain Development classes in January 2021.
  2. Hosting a prelimanary workshop on January 6th that features ICON to market ICON network and the recommencement of the ICON courses. This will be our 3rd workshop conducted at Vietnam National University in promotion of ICON network and the ICON Blockchain Development course.

Although due to unavoidable COVID-19 restrictions we were unable to conduct the ICON course in the way we planned, we are proud of what we could achieve and learnt a lot from this pilot term on how to conduct future ICON courses. We look forward to the new term and sharing the progress of this course with the community.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We appreciate the opportunity that this grant has given us to begin this venture.

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