Integration of ICON Blockchain Development Course into DevEra - Progress Report #2

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This is Progress Report #2 for Integration of ICON Blockchain Development Course into Devera(IT Academy and Career Training Center at Vietnam National University).

Report Name:

Integration of ICON Blockchain Development Course into Devera (IT Academy and Career Training Center at Vietnam National University).

Report Period:

August 23 - September 26

Report Description:

This report aims to highlight the works accomplished during the 2nd month of our 5 month project to implement ICON Blockchain Development as a course at Devera: The key focus of this period was the organization of the Blockchain Seminar, completing the course research and development and launching marketing channels.

In summary, the following was performed:

  1. Official launch of DevEra website:
  2. Developed and released an events app for iOS App Store and Google Playstore with the Blockchain Seminar (heavily featuring ICON), as the first official event of the semester.
  3. Launched marketing channels: for example: DevEra Official Facebook
  4. Completed ICON course research and development.
  5. Opened registration for the Blockchain Seminar.
  6. Began on-campus promotions.

Project Completion Percentage:


Remaining Time:

3 months

Expected Results For The Next Period:

  1. Blockchain Seminar (heavily focused on ICON)
    a. 100 students registered.
    b. Hold Seminar on October 6, 2020 on Vietnam National University campus.

  2. Finalize ICON Blockchain course syllabus and submit to ICON for final review.

  3. ICON Blockchain Development Course
    a. Open registration for students.
    b. Begin classes at Vietnam National University.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project

  1. Finalized the POSM designs for the seminar (standee, backdrop).

  1. Published the mobile application for events, “Meetera”, on App Store and PlayStore for promotion.
  1. Prepared the logistics list and costs for the Seminar.

  1. Prepared the presentation content, ensuring to highlight ICON Network.

  1. Confirmed and performed spot inspection for the campus area reserved for the Seminar.
  • Room capacity: 120 seats
  • Location: Level 3, The Student Cultural House, National University Urban Area

  1. Finalized the contract with the Student Union Building for the seminar and marketing of the seminar: set up the campus promotional materials such as standees, flyers etc. Clearly displaying ICON’s logo as official sponsors of the event all around campus.

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