Integration of ICON Blockchain Development Course into DevEra - Progress Report #1

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This is Progress Report #1 for Integration of ICON Blockchain Development Course into DevEra (IT Academy and Career Training Center at Vietnam National University).

Report Name:

Integration of ICON Blockchain Development Course into DevEra (IT Academy and Career Training Center at Vietnam National University)

Report Period:

July 24 - August 20 (27 Days)

Report Description:

This report aims to highlight the works accomplished during the report period of the 1st month of our 5 month project to integrate ICON Blockchain Development as a course at DevEra :

In summary, the following was performed:

  1. Organized and launched the Communication and Marketing Strategies for the ICON Blockchain Development Course at Devera.
  2. Organized and launched the Marketing Strategies of the Blockchain Seminar that heavily features ICON Network.
  3. Began research and organization of ICON course content and materials.

Our team believes this is in line with our projected schedule that we originally outlined in our proposal:

Course Research & Design: 2 weeks.

Development of Course Structure and Materials: 3 weeks

Marketing of ICON Blockchain Development Course: ~ 10 weeks

Project Completion Percentage:


Remaining Time To Completion:

4 Months

Expected Results For The Next Period

  1. Official launch of DevEra website and mobile app with ICON Blockchain Development featured as a course that is able to be registered by students.
  2. Upload ICON Blockchain course-related contents to the DevEra website and mobile app to introduce the course to students online to gain registrations.
  3. Receive word from University that they have received permission from Vietnamese Government to allow campus events, so we may hold Blockchain Seminar.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project

  1. Develop the communication strategy and plan for the seminar.

Visit link for detailed plan:

  1. Prepare seminar scenario, agenda and content (Introducing Blockchain and specifically introducing ICON Network).

  1. Design seminar poster and banner, with ICON logo clearly visible on promotional materials.

  1. Launch the website + prepare to submit the mobile app on store. (Currently we don’t have a public link on the app store).

  1. Preparation and featuring of Blockchain Seminar event on the DevEra website and course. ICON Network agenda featured heavily as a premise for the seminar.

Event link:

Please note: Due to newly ordered restrictions from the Vietnamese Government, Vietnam National University has requested the postponement of all campus-based events, including this seminar. However, we will still be collecting registrations and will announce the official new date once given approval by the University.

DevEra courses will continue and progress as planned on campus once the semester begins in September, barring no surprises.

Additional information on courses can be found here:

Thank you for your consideration and time.
ICON DAO & Lecle

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