Insight Fellow Project Open Suggestion Period


Hello ICONists! Insight here to announce a period of open suggestion from the community for Insight fellow projects. On January 13th over 250 talented computer scientists will be starting a new session and we are building a database of projects for them to take up that will help grow ICON. We invite any ICONists to propose topics for our fellows with the following guidelines / suggestions for proposals:

  • Able to be completed in less than 7 weeks with clear guidance of expectations
  • Focused on the areas of DevOps, Decentralized Consensus, Security, or Data Engineering
  • Fill out a form per the type of detail seen in the project seed database

Thus far the database has been compiled of topics proposed by us at Insight which we circulated through the foundation for comment and prioritization. Most of the topics have to do with DevOps related components that we are finalizing a major release of our automation tooling for as we speak. Our new architecture allows P-Rep node operators to piecemeal adopt components of our platform into their own network setups. Hence all the project seeds that you see will be made available to the community for adoption in a generalized context.

Looking forward to seeing what the community sees as being most productive in helping grow the ICON ecosystem.