Inquiry on CPS Progress Report: Hana and ICONex wallet integration to Unity SDK 2/2

UnitySDK now connects to the ICONEX and HANA wallet, built a jslib pipeline to handle the transactions and forward them to the web wallets. Solved some bugs on the unity SDK , installation is now smoother. Removed various unnecessary package to optimize the overall build size. Also upgraded certain packages due to security issues

The above states the UnitySDK bugs have been fixed, unnecessary packages were removed and others were upgraded however there is no evidence or GitHub link to confirm these actions.

We checked these two repos (which probably should have been included in the report if progress is supposed to be tracked there) but didn’t see any recent commits:

Additional information to help clarify would be wonderful!

Progress report in reference: HERE

Saw the recent links provided by Fomo in the comments of the progress report voting on cps to see the recent commits.

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Thanks for the due diligence, the eclectica team created a demo:

an update of repo’s will be put on the progress report this time around