Increasing block limit for production penalty

We have disqualification and production penalty for inactive preps. The issue is If they are inactive because they can only miss 600 blocks per cycle their disqualification takes 3 months and 10 days. This time frame can be wrong but it’s very high. Another issue is there is no way for someone to recover in 600 blocks as I heard from some main preps. I didn’t make hard calculations on that matter. Excluding inactive node from network fast is good but penalties don’t resonate with each other. One of them makes it impossible for another to happen. I can see 2 solutions for this issue. First one is missed blocks count towards production % after production penalty. The second one is we increase 600 block limit to a more reasonable number which people can recover and also can get affected by the disqualification penalty. I prefer block number change since it can be done much more easier.