Inanis Invictus "Void Unconquered"

Inanis Invictus “Void Unconquered”

CPS Funding Proposal


Inanis Invictus (“Void Unconquered”) is a multi-phased NFT game project being built on the ICON blockchain by Foundry Box Media. Set in a far distant and dystopian future where vast space empires and visceral combat are the norm, Inanis Invictus will allow players to collect NFT ship assets that can be used in turn-based and tabletop-esque fleet combat matches. The project is ambitious and deep in scope and this CPS proposal has been crafted to address the needs for bootstrap funding to assist in the successful delivery of the final vision. This proposal is covering Phase 1 development objectives, but the whole project is broken into 3 development phases.

By leveraging ICON’s IRC-31 Multitoken technology, Inanis Invictus will offer a unique and engaging collectible model in similar format to many modern collectible games such as Magic The Gather, Pokemon, Heroclix, Warhammer and more. In the first phase of development, Inanis Invictus will launch with a minimum of 30 unique and engaging ship types with varying degrees of rarity and availability for players to purchase and collect, but there is no limit to the number of ship types that will be made available in the future. Players will acquire ship NFTs by purchasing asset packs, in the online marketplace which will provide a guaranteed number of ships drawn randomly from weighted drop tables.

In addition to unique art pieces for each ship type and the numerous attributes that define how a ship works within the Inanis Invictus universe and game mechanics, such as shields, armor, speed, maneuverability and weapon systems each with their own properties like range, damage and tracking, ships will be broadly classified by 2 properties: hull class and prestige.

Hull class defines the relative size of the ships and broadly telegraphs their strength within the universe and game mechanics. There are 5 separate hull classes, ranked in relative size and strength: Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser & Dreadnought. Corvettes and Frigates will make up the bulk of ships, with each category dropping 30% of the time. Destroyers will make up 20% of all drops, Cruisers 15% and Dreadnoughts will make up the final 5% of all drops.

In addition to the hull class, ships will be categorized by prestige, which defines their overall rarity, availability and roughly telegraphs their relative strength within the Inanis Invictus game universe and mechanics. There are 5 prestige levels, ranked in rarity order: Common, Honored, Legendary, Limited & Distinguished. Common, Honored and Legendary prestiges all have unlimited availability, but are increasingly rare. Common make up 50% of all ship drops, Honored 35% and Legendary 10%. Limited prestige are rarer than Legendary making up 4.75% of all drops, but are also limited in availability. Once all ships of a limited prestige have been minted, no more will ever be created. Finally, distinguished tier ships are entirely unique with only 1 of each ship type ever existing. Once a distinguished ship has been minted, it will never again be available from asset packs!

Phase 1 development will also include the launch of the VOID token, which is an IRC-2 token with tokenomics tightly coupled to on-chain game mechanics. The token will be fair-launch with no pre-mine or allocation. The VOID token will have no limit, but will leverage a variable tax rate and burning mechanisms to manage token inflation and ensure a viable and profitable tokenomic model.

In Phase 1, the VOID token will have limited availability and will only be obtained through the purchase of asset packs. Each asset pack will provide 500 VOID tokens, in addition to the guaranteed NFT ships, up to a total of 5 million. Once the total number of VOID from the purchase of asset packs has reached 5 Million, asset packs will no longer contain VOID tokens.

In later development phases, VOID will be used to upgrade ships, purchase additional asset packs, participate in gamified staking mechanics, used as a trade medium in the marketplace and more.

The Big Picture

The final vision for Inanis Invictus is a robust, verbose and content rich sci-fi universe that boasts dozens of collections of NFT assets across hundreds or thousands of unique pieces that can all be used in different game components of the Inanis Invictus universe. While there may never be an end to the expansion and refinement of the Inanis Invictus game content, the scope of the initial development and launch includes a vast collection of NFT ships and other assets, a powerful and intuitive marketplace where users can trade and sell their assets, a lucrative and engaging token economy defined and driven by on-chain game mechanics, a modern, engaging and fun digital game client that allows players to utilize their collections in combat matches against computer and real human opponents and a finalized and published “table top” ruleset that allow players to play traditional table-top matches using their collections and 3-D printed assets they can buy or print themselves from their owned NFT assets.

Why the CPS?

Ultimately Inanis Invictus aims to be a self-sustaining for-profit project where future development interactions will be sustained by revenue generated by the sale and trade of assets within the ecosystem. While the project will likely launch with or without the CPS funding, eventually, funding this project now helps ensure that development goals and objectives outlined in the proposal can be met or exceeded in both magnitude and time. The fact is, software development, content generation, artists and all of the supporting services and resources are neither free or cheap. Inanis Invictus is the byproduct of a combined passion for gaming and blockchain technologies, but delivering on a project of this scope requires a fair amount of capital and resources.

Value for the ICON Ecosystem

Inanis Invictus aims to be an engaging and compelling brand built on top of the ICON blockchain and, as such, drives value for the ecosystem in a number of ways.

  • Increased transactional volume through NFT purchases, marketplace trades and the trade and use of the VOID token.
  • Positive, brand driven exposure and awareness through an engaging and desirable product.
  • Additional uses for existing ecosystem tokens such as ICX and bnUSD.
  • The opportunity to fortify the gaming use cases for blockchain by pairing them with real-world products and use cases

Additionally, Inanis Invictus will be one of the first projects in the ICON ecosystem to contribute back to the community by permanently delegating a portion of its revenue back into the ICON Contribution Proposal System (CPS). 7.5% of all asset pack sales will go directly to the ICON CPS fund at the time of purchase.

Phase 1 Development Objectives

Phase 1 development objectives include the design, creation and launch of all of the following:

Inanis Invictus Website/Portal

This will be the main hub of the Inanis Invictus experience which will include promotional information, roadmaps and development details, browsable rule set information, the NFT marketplace and asset packs pages, browsable NFT collections and details pages outlining ship’s attributes, rules, imagery and content and promotional details.

Browsable version of Inanis Invictus (Beta) ruleset

Inanis Invictus gameplay will have all of the complexity and tactical depth that many table-top combat games such as warhammer have. Inspired heavily by an early 90’s tabletop game called “Silent Death”, a core part of the Inanis Invictus experience will be providing concise and easy to understand rulesets that help deliver an engaging and fun experience for players. These rules will define, exactly, how the digital game client plays in later development cycles.

30+ Ship NFT Assets with Unique Art Pieces

While there will never be a limit to the number of available ship types within Inanis Invictus, the minimum goal for phase 1 development is to deliver on 2-3 collections of ships totaling no less than 30 unique assets. This very well could end up being more, provided enough time and resources.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace will be a core component to driving value for ownership of Inanis INvictus NFT assets, especially during the initial development phases. Collectors will be able to trade, sell and, eventually, auction their collections.

Asset Packs

Asset packs are designed to feel like many modern collectible games, allowing players an equal and fair opportunity to earn the most desirable ships with each purchase. Much like buying “booster sets” for games like Magic The Gathering or “Mage Knight”, each purchase will guarantee a number of assets, with a weighted chance for ships of higher rarities and types with each draw.


Modules are another NFT/PFT asset type that can be attached to ships with available module slots. Similar to ships, modules will have a number of properties that define how they can be used and affect the ships they are installed into. Like ships, modules can be purchased in asset packs or the marketplace and some may be scrapped for VOID tokens.

VOID Token

The VOID token will launch within Phase 1 development. While most mechanics and implementations for the VOID token will come in later development cycles, collectors will be able to start earning VOID tokens with each asset pack purchase. This primarily serves to help stage the tokenomics for future iterations and provide a headstart on the opportunities for listing the VOID token on exchanges.


Phase 1 development is expected to take 3 months, with the official launch tentatively scheduled 1 month after finalization of development objectives and SCORE audits.

Month 1 (April, 2022)

  • Delivery on TEST versions of InanisMultiToken and InanisMarketplace and VOIDToken SCORE
  • Launch of, with basic details, promotional page and roadmap/outline
  • Delivery/Proof of a portion of asset art

Month 2 (May, 2022)

  • Launch of TEST version of Marketplace with TEST SCORE
  • Launch of TEST version of asset packs and NFT minting (including integration with wallets)
  • Launch of beta rules browser and detail pages for NFTs
  • Delivery of additional asset art

Month 3 (June, 2022)

  • Finalization of web front end including browsable game mechanics, promotional pages, marketplace, asset pack purchase, and NFT and Collection detail pages.
  • Finalization of “alpha” collection of NFT assets and art
  • Finalization of SCORE and staging on LIVE network for auditing
  • Promotional advertising and community building begins

Future Development

While this proposal only covers Phase 1 development objectives outlined above, it is important to understand the general development plan for future iterations. As such, the summary of development objectives for Phase 2 and Phase 3 are outlined below.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will encompass the rest of the development of the blockchain mechanics such as the gamified NFT staking mechanics (Tasks & Task Forces), the introduction of “Modules” (ship NFT assets that can be used to upgrade ships), the expansion of the marketplace to allow for auctions and trades in VOID, a “scrapping” mechanic that allows players to scrap lower tiers of ships for VOID and the introduction of additional ship collections.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will see the design and development of the mobile/desktop game clients using Unity or Unreal Engine 3, the final release of the tabletop version of the game and integration(s) with online retailers for model 3D printing in addition to the introduction of additional NFT collections.

In Flight

As mentioned before, Inanis Invictus is currently under development and the following objectives are already under way:

  • An artist has been contracted to deliver on 30 unique art pieces. Iterative design in process.
  • The web domain has been registered
  • An alpha version of the Inanis Invictus ruleset has been completed and is under technical and gameplay review.
  • The InanisShipNFT MultiToken SCORE is under development on the Sejong test network: ICON Tracker
  • A front end developer has been contracted for the design of a web front end

Funding Breakdown

Requested Amount: $25,000.00

100% of the funding being requested will be used to design, build and refine the required resources for a successful launch of Inanis Invictus. The defined budgets are as follows:

  • SCORE development & auditing: $8,000.00
  • Web front end design and development (Web design, wallet integration, etc): $2,000.00
  • Backend design & development (IPFS, database & caching, etc): $4,500.00
  • Illustrations/artists: $6000.00
  • Marketing & promotional budget: $3000.00
  • Provisional hosting and development resources: (web & database hosting, ssl certificates, codebase management, etc) $1500.00