Implement a protocol change which enables Sub P-reps to submit text proposals


This is a proposal to let Sub P-reps submit text proposals. You will find a link to the full proposal at the bottom of this post. The plan is that if this proposal gathers enough support, one of the Main P-reps will submit the proposal for a vote. To easier keep track of where all P-reps stand, lets follow the same format as the IISS 3.0 proposal.

Team name: <team name | ICONist>

Decision: <approve | request for more information | reject>

If you chose “approve” - you may leave this blank or share your thoughts.
if you chose “request for more information” - if anything is unclear, this is the place for questions.
If you chose “reject” - specify the reasons for the rejection and what it would take for an approval.

Proposal link:


Team Name: ICX Station

Decision: Approve

We approve of the idea of allowing sub p-reps to submit text proposals. There has also been an idea floating around that would allow any ICONist to submit a text proposal, and make this entire process more of a referendum format. Referendum format would mean any ICONist can submit a proposal, and instead of having Main P-Reps vote on it, all ICONists would vote on it (so not delegated stake, but stake of individual ICONists).

This is a step in the right direction. We would approve this or even go as far as Referendum format.