I'm trying to use get_transaction_result method but it returns an error even though my transaction worked

Hi all,

I’m writing some wrapper class to do what I want on Wallet, and I’m running to failures when trying to get results of my transaction.

I’m getting “iconsdk.exception.JSONRPCException: {‘code’: -32602, ‘message’: ‘Invalid params txHash’} (Json rpc error)” but, not sure what is wrong. The transaction appears to be fine. I was able to transfer icx over.

transfer_tx = my_wallet.transfer(1, constants.TESTNET_PREP_ADDR)
results = ICONSERVICE.get_transaction_result(transfer_tx)

def transfer(self, amount, addr):
step_cost = self.get_default_step_cost()
print(“default step cost: {}”.format(step_cost))
transaction = TransactionBuilder().from_(self.address)
signed_transaction = SignedTransaction(transaction, self.wallet)

    # Sends the transaction
    tx_hash = ICONSERVICE.send_transaction(signed_transaction)
    return tx_hash