Ignoring community sentiment

I would first like to congratulate everyone who is still holding after a new ATL in sats. Although from a technical point of view things are progressing well you should ask yourself why this is not reflected in the price and ICX is being declared dead by most of social media. Enough with the BS narrative of 400% increase in 2020 after it lost 99% of it’s value. You need to get everyone talking about ICX again and start engaging youtubers and tiktokers to promote ICON, people with tons of followers. In 2017 BQX went from cents to 13 USD after some Korean youtuber shilled it, now Doge is having a run due to tiktokers talking about it. Is it that hard to understand that this needs to be done? Smashing through technical milestones, just won’t do it. Start a buyback, burn some ICX, why not airdrop a significant amount of BAL or any other token to ICX holders? Bring in some institutions, is there any other there token that is a more suitable candidate to invest in? Will institutions invest in doge or food coins? Make people feel like ICX is the greatest investment ever, just like they felt in 2017

Thanks for the feedback. If you have any specific next steps we’re always open to suggestions. However, community sentiment is not ignored I can assure you. I answer questions and am active on all our social channels on a daily basis. All questions are always answered.

Hi Benny. We all appreciate the work you do for Icon and this criticism isn’t about you specifically, but there is a HUGE difference between answering questions and acting on community sentiment or wishes. Yes questions are usually answered, but community sentiment is rarely if ever put into action. I think this is a big reason, if not the number one reason, why some members of the community have mixed feelings about icon. Community members feel that they are not heard. Valid criticisms are blocked and/or ignored.

Is there an action plan for 2021 to strengthen community outreach and inclusion?

Hey Cali

I respectfully disagree with your assessment, but no need to start a back and forth as to whether or not we have ever put community sentiment into action. We can just agree to disagree. One brief example is IISS 3.0 and other changes to our economic structure, which was crafted almost entirely from community feedback, sentiment and support. If you have a specific actionable next step you’d recommend, I’m all ears.

As for 2021, I plan on continuing to engage with our community. We are also discussing the best way to approach a periodic AMA. The CPS is also going to be an exciting way to get the community more actively involved with a significant level of autonomy. Giving people the tools to contribute directly and use their imagination is a great way to get them involved, get them excited about ICON, and keep them here for the long-haul as they build out their project. For this reason, I’ve also been speaking to some dedicated, hard-working community members to help them bootstrap their project. A couple unannounced projects in the works led by the passionate entrepreneurs within our community. There are already several examples of this released publicly (Omm, Balanced, and Craft).

Hey Benny, thanks for the reply. We dont have to agree, were on the same team at the end of the day. Specifically Im talking about advertising and bringing in new people, users, developers and holders alike. The community has been begging for it for years and just today Ricky was on twitter saying that everyone on the team wants it… But its been years, and we’re entering a huge bull market with potentially billions flowing into the space and icon isn’t being talked about anywhere.

More specifically domestically in Korea I, I and many, feel that not marketing icon has been a huge, huge mistake and waste of advantage.

Also, lack of updating the community is a huge point of contention that has yet to be addressed. Just yesterday I asked you in telegram about S-coin. A potentially massive project that many were eager about, and you replied that you didn’t know about it? I’m not picking on you or blaming you, you do a great job. But, this is something that should have been put to bed, completed, updated or something, not just never talked about ever again. Theres the healthcare thing in gangwondo, stove (or whatever it was called, the game thing), token burn, and countless other things that have gone under the bridge. Just updating the community that ‘we’re working on it’ is better than nothing for years.

So basically my 2 main points of action that I feel aren’t addressed are: Timely and honest community updates on projects, and getting icon out to potential new members. I think we can agree that these are very necessary and are currently lacking.

So what can be done?

Hire a community manager, or managers, who are full time on twitter/reddit/telegram/whatever who has access to the team and knows about all projects, like that one girl who was on telegram during and after the ICO, she was very helpful and was an in-between to the community, since some can’t be bothered or are too busy to directly talk to people.

Domestic outreach. I travel to Korea frequently and NO ONE has ever heard of ICON. Doctors, tech people, teachers, taxi drivers… No one. This should be a top priority in my opinion. I’m honestly shocked that it hasn’t been done. Ive seen coinone ads in the subway and other places in Korea, so the infrastructure and contacts are absolutely close by.

Community acknowledgement. The reason many feel they are ignored is because they are. Ive seen certain team members shut down conversation on twitter with a curt ‘no’ answer. If you guys are too busy or unwilling to engage with your community, hire someone. Have team members whos job it is to engage. ‘Whoever builds the best community wins’ is an excellent quote that I feel no one on the icon team takes seriously. Just today we have p-reps slinging mud on twitter, threatening lawsuits, talking shit. That doesn’t seem like a community with a solid leadership and plan. I’d like to see community building be number one on the list this year, I believe it would pay off 10-fold in the future.

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Thank you for the feedback. Some points I agree, others I do not. Either way, appreciate the time

Any specifics you care to mention? Any chance of any of these seeing the light of day?