If I can change something

I am not some nerd genius high IQ level individual but normal person who has dedication to what I love doing… but if I can change something in the history of cryptocurrency, I would do what it takes to restart ETH and make it work like XRP … transaction fee wise… I strongly believe if the people behind XRP has made it possible to make the fees affordable to average kinda people like me… the fees circulating the ETH mainnet is killing me and limiting me as someone who could have done some transactions I wished I can do in the ETH network and not in polygon but I just voiced these out because this is how I really feel about it but I don’ t think I can even do it nor am I capable of it… anyways I hope y’all are well and have a good day :x::o::x::o:

  • Nicole

Oh no LOL sorry this should be my first ever reply … I am a noob and uploaded my first topic to my first reply. My bad … Peace

Nope not really mate… i read article before for doing task in zealy, after i read i get a headache, cause the article too “heavy” for me
But reading yours, i can reply this
We had same opinion about this
I agree, gas fee of ethereum is killing my wallet, after all not all is must be good, all is speculation
So if just the same too spec, why i dont try the lower gasfee, who knows it will compete ethereum
I am just crypto player who wants try something, if theres a chance and i think i can do it, why not?
Who knows it will be bigger in the future

Just opinion from newbie
Thx u… have a nice day

Well, if the fees on ETH are a strain then youve found the right place. Fees on ICON are negligibly small.

Scalability and gas fees issues is the main focus on cryptospace. That why we can see now L2 projects in ETH L1. They doing for those stuff.
Also, so many steps to do a single transaction (bridging) that absolutly alien things for a newbie in crypto. Transaction isnt a simple like before. And we see ICON has the solution.