Ideas to Encourage Educated Voting

Voting Screen

This is the number one place to educate voters.

I believe that we need to make it clear that the vote is designed to be given to a P-Rep so that they can in turn help grow the community on the voter’s behalf. If people think that if they take the time to vote considerately that it could help increase the price, then hopefully will take the time to do so.

I think the majority of first time voters assume that it is lower risk for them to vote for a top 5 P-Rep than further down the list. While I do not have an issue with the big P-Reps receiving more for doing more, if things remain like this then the rewards will become increasing concentrated which encourages complacency. We need to make it understood that they should vote on merit without fear of losing returns.

P-Rep Information

Even if you know you should vote for P-Reps based on merit, people are lazy and unlikely to do their own research on 100 P-Reps. Accordingly, we need to give them as much information as possible.

Some ideas:

  • Team description and goals. Ideally shown with a ‘More Info’ or hover to stop people clicking back and forth

  • Ability for teams to add Update/News and with a ‘Last Added Date’ to highlight who is at least active enough to update it. Options to receive these updates when they are published.

  • Categories of what the P-Reps are doing (e.g. DApp building, content creation etc.)

  • Ability to sort and filter the list (e.g. you can filter for a Korean P-Rep, who has updated in the last 3 months and is helping with PR).

Other Mechanisms to Encourage Educated Voting

  • We do not think you should be able to vote 100% for one P-Rep. If we had a limit of 80% on one P-Rep and a minimum of 3 P-Reps, it would encourage people to put more thought into their votes. This would also stop people just running a node to HODL their own votes and mean we as P-Reps would also have to take time to decide who to give some votes for rather than just voting for ourselves. If you are doing your part then you should gain votes from others as much as you’ve lost from your own self-votes. To start this, it could apply for new votes rather than having to move 20% of votes now.

  • No Auto Re-Staking. We do not see any benefit from allowing people to auto re-stake other than encouraging them to be lazy. We need to give them a reason to periodically open their wallet and then capitalise on them looking by giving them additional news/information that will encourage them to be active in the community. Even friendly reminders to get them to think such as ‘Make Your Vote Count’ would push people in the right direction.

  • If people can just vote once and receive rewards for the next 10 years without looking, it does not encourage them to be part of the community. Equally, it means that rewards are going to be continually given to missing/dead wallets. Should there be a time period when votes are deemed to be inactive?


Agree with many things. We must be able to post reviews to the P-reps that will show on the voting/re-staking screen. All reviews on a P-rep should be averaged to a simple rating out of 5 stars which can then be clicked on to explore the rating in further detail. Only voters with over a certain balance of ICX held over a certain amount of time can review.

Also there should be a cap of the amount of income a P-rep can get unless they receive approval from community via proposal. If approved this vote, like voting for a P-rep, can always be taken away and if at any point there is more disapproval than approvals the cap can be re-lowered back to the original. In this way the P-rep will need to be constantly communicating progress to constituents in order to keep their votes. The amounts some P-reps are getting could have gone to hire many engineers/marketing people yet all we get are podcasts/youtube videos and the same useless wallets that only reach the same 200-300 people which does not grow the community. If they earn 40k a month they have to show that they deserve it.

Good idea especially on the inactive votes. Inactive votes should give some penalty to both P-rep and voter.

Lets also add the ability for P-reps to claim dapps that are theirs through some kind of confirmation process (P-rep wallet sends request to Dapp which then confirms it). All the transactions those dapps make goes towards a tx/month count that is displayed on their page so voters can see how useful/effective their dapps really are. This discourages BS projects that look good/cool but really don’t help in driving usage of the network and are only there to get votes.

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We’ve built a PoC on the community portal:

Example project:

The idea is to use the portal as a central location to collect all P-Rep projects and updates, then we’ll open up an API service to query these reports from an end product.


We also agree with many points mentioned in the post. It would be great if all the information would be in one place, with the option to add some of the latest news and show the latest activity, as we feel that a lot of the work done by some P-Reps goes unseen while some inactive ones are enjoying higher top positions. Looking forward to these changes! :slight_smile:

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