Ideas to attract and develop more dApps

Many dApps are competitive.

How about introducing a system monthly that incentivizes the 10 DApps with the highest transactions?

This not only helps attract talented dApps, but also provides funding for promising dApps to develop further.

For example, from 1st to 10th 10000icx~1000icx It costs roughly 40,000 icx per month.

for monthly expenses I think that excellent dApps develop further and contribute more. It is also an indirect marketing that attracts developers and users.

However, the problem is how the fund are made.

I think basing incentives strictly on transaction volume could allow for dapps to game the system, and would disproportionately favor gaming applications compared to defi protocols or even wash trading on Craft.

However, I think incentives are great for building our ecosystem and there are plans for incentivizing cross-chain liquidity on the DeFi apps once BTP is released.

In terms of dapp funding, the CPS has over 200,000 ICX just waiting to be utilized by development teams looking to launch a project and build on ICON.

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