Ideas that come to mind

1.It is usually very difficult to remember the private key. So, here’s what I thought of. How about making own private key into a sentence from a movie or novel that impressed myself?

  1. Creating a decentralized exchange using BTP
    -If this is possible, how about creating a truly decentralized exchange using icon parameta and such? For example, create a decentralized exchange using the icon parameta. For the trading method and UI, refer to Upbit or Binance. Instead of depositing money or coins on the exchange, you trade through your own wallet. Stablecoin is also made by locking a certain amount in your wallet… Is it possible for me to think?

Private Key generation is part of the core blockchain and not something easily changed. Would require lots of work and testing for a pretty minor benefit.

I think Balanced plans on doing this to some extent.

Rather than having someone supply liquidity pairs, I think it’s easier to attract users to putting things out at the price they want. ex) Upbit

When BTP goes into operation, it would be nice to have such an exchange in the exchange in the hana wallet. Of course, in your first marketing campaign, you will have to spend some money to advertise it big and attract people.

I am very excited to imagine that if we have BTP, we can manage, stake and trade all coins and nft with one hana wallet, and also use messengers.

I wonder what it would be like if an innovative exchange in a personal wallet appeared as much as the spark of a problem in the current centralized exchange.

Please make the hana wallet the Icon ecosystem itself. No matter how much more manpower is put in, it won’t be too much.

In Korea, there was a Kakao Data fire a while ago. As a result, Kakao-related ecosystems did not work properly for several days, and messengers also did not work.

Kakao acknowledged that it was difficult to recover quickly due to the operation of the octopus, and the article said that the security level was also low.

The issue of centralization applies not only to exchanges but also to messengers. I think BTP will be a system changer in the world.