ICX Stuck in MEW

I am sure this has been asked before, but I can’t find the post. I am trying to move my ICX in MEW to my ICX wallet and it won’t transfer, I noticed that the key starts with HX instead of OX, not sure if that’s why. Need some help with this.


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Hi there,

Have you considered using your private key to create a new ICON wallet seperate of MEW? You can use ICONs wallet app called ‘ICONex’. ICONex is available (free ofc) via chrome extention, and in the apple/android app stores.

We had a token swap a long while back, perhaps it’s something to do with that? After token swapping users needed to create an ICON wallet in ICONex using their ERC-20 ICX private key (minus the 0x prefix).

Than you I will create an ICX wallet on ICXNEX

Ok, I created an ICONEX wallet, but the wallet key starts with hx, not 0x. So when I try to send from MEW, this what I get.

Need Help Please