ICX Stuck in MEW

I am sure this has been asked before, but I can’t find the post. I am trying to move my ICX in MEW to my ICX wallet and it won’t transfer, I noticed that the key starts with HX instead of OX, not sure if that’s why. Need some help with this.


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Hi there,

Have you considered using your private key to create a new ICON wallet seperate of MEW? You can use ICONs wallet app called ‘ICONex’. ICONex is available (free ofc) via chrome extention, and in the apple/android app stores.

We had a token swap a long while back, perhaps it’s something to do with that? After token swapping users needed to create an ICON wallet in ICONex using their ERC-20 ICX private key (minus the 0x prefix).

Than you I will create an ICX wallet on ICXNEX

Ok, I created an ICONEX wallet, but the wallet key starts with hx, not 0x. So when I try to send from MEW, this what I get.

Need Help Please

Don’t try to send them from MEW, you now have an ICON wallet instead with your mainnet ICX coins. You can freely send them from within the ICONex wallet application to another ICON address ie an exchange wallet to sell, or you could stake+vote with them to earn staking rewards?

I hope that helps, if not please feel free to ask more.

Thanks for the info, I came across an article that said if you didn’t do this before the swap deadline all the coin would be burned. So I might have lost all my coins, bummer.

Maybe I wasn’t clear on my issue. My coins are in MEW, I setup a ICONex wallet with no coins in it. I am trying to get the coins from MEW into my ICONex wallet.


If you have an address that starts with ‘hx’ then you have mainnet ICX coins. My tip to you was you can make an ICONex wallet (by entering in your private key) and you can freely move them from there.

ICON launched it’s project with an ICO on the Ethereum blockchain. Originally ICX were erc-20 tokens, now they are not. This is why there was support for ICON in MEW. Now ICX is on it’s own mainnet (ie not Ethereum). I don’t believe MEW supports ICX now, at least I don’t think so…?

You just need to use ICONex now, or another wallet that supports ICX (guessing no ICX support for MEW). :+1:

I have a ICONex wallet but not sure how to find my private key for it. Are there clear instructions on how to get my ICX from MEW to my ICONex wallet?

You have full access to your coins via the ICONex wallet.

To find your private key from inside ICONex you need to: Open your wallet, choose ‘backup wallet’, your private key will be available here.