Icx deflation is possible?

Sorry for saying this so many times. I’m writing this last because I think the time to change to icon2.0 is the right time to change the first half of the icon.

lately I heard that icx inflation is 5.2%.
This is a fairly high figure. Of course, there are other cryptocurrencies that are higher.
However, coins with the highest market capitalization such as Ethereum and Cardano are already well-known and successful blockchains with a huge community.

To be honest, icon1.0’s icx economy failed.
The current price is about 13 blocks from the previous high.
Once it fails, it usually takes a long time to restore trust. But our vision is about to begin now. ( icon2.0, btp, bridgepay)
But can we guarantee that the BTP economy alone will keep the inflation rate below 2%? What if the price of icx is over $10? Min said there would be deflation in the future, but looking at it now, this is an overstatement.
I think we should start with a minimum safeguard.

Whether you are playing a strategy card game, srpg, casino, or making a lover, minimizing uncertainty is the basis of winning.
We do not lead the trend, we follow it (defi, nft, etc.)

As if “If the BTP economy is realized, there will be deflation” is not convincing at all. Of course, I think it will be better than it is now.

More frightening than user churn is developer churn. No matter how good the icon block chain is, if the token price goes down, business will suffer.
ICONBET is great in icon, but I know that the icx price has not risen much from the previous high, but has plummeted, causing some obstacles in new business.

Why did Bitcoin come into existence and did it continue to rise?
What’s the problem with real money?
When do cryptocurrencies drop significantly in price?

I think the minimum safety device should be made.