ICX Contract Hub - Milestone 1 Report

Hello everyone,

We have just completed the first ICX Contract Hub milestone, a major one.
You can try it here https://yudus.dev/icontracthub
Source code https://github.com/yudus-lab/icx-contract-hub

v0.3.0 new features

  • New “backendless” architecture with Chainalytic ICON as data provider which can be run as a data node for any loopchain network
  • Brand new tab-view layout
  • Transaction history ( require Chainalytic ICON )
  • Favorite contract bookmarks

For ICON mainnet and testnet, we have been running Chainalytic ICON node for you already.

However, for your local dev network ( tbears ), you need to run one on your own.
See here on how to run it https://github.com/yudus-lab/chainalytic-icon#icon_local_docker

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Thank you for your work.