ICONSafe - Smart Contract Audit Request

Hello ICON Foundation,

For the last 6 months, we’ve been developing ICONSafe, a fully fledged multisig wallet developed by ICONation.


ICONSafe is a multisig wallet with an advanced user management and built-in features for dApps running on ICON. It is mostly useful for teams willing to share mutual funds without having to risk sharing a same private key between members.

ICONSafe is able to send and receive any type of transactions or contract calls. It is also able to track any ICX and IRC2 tokens balance over time. All outgoing transactions require confirmations from the wallet owners based on a vote before being executed.

An outgoing transaction may contain multiple sub-transactions which are executed at the same time, so it is possible to create complex operations suiting for all type of situations.

The ICONSafe project is a smart contract that any developer may deploy and integrate in another smart contract project. Please note that for pratical use, we also developed a GUI heavily based on Gnosis Safe GUI in order to communicate with the ICONSafe contract.


Multisig wallet basic features

  • Transaction execution based on wallet owners approval

Transaction management

  • Add new transaction
  • Approve/reject/revoke vote for pending transaction
  • Delete unconfirmed transaction
  • List pending and executed transactions history
  • Multiple sub-transactions are executable in a single transaction

Users management

  • List current multisig wallet owners

  • Add/remove/rename owners

  • Change the required confirmations value

Balance tracking

  • Token balance tracking on-chain (ICX and IRC2)

  • Add any new IRC2 token to the balance tracker

Transaction builder

  • ICX Transfer GUI

  • ICX Staking GUI

  • IRC2 Transfer GUI

  • Generic contract call GUI (call any contract on MainNet)

Audit Information

ICONSafe source code is split into 7 contracts, but only 2 of them are critical as they’re responsible of token transfers and wallet management.
We’re willing to conduct the audit of these 2 contracts with SlowMist.

Here are the source code of the contracts:

SlowMist answered positively and are willing to conduct the audit and sent us a quote.

Required information


Hey @Spl3en thank you for your application. I’d be happy to discuss next steps to cover your security audit. Please DM me on telegram to coordinate


Hi @Spl3en thank you for your application and dedication to building secure products for the ICON Ecosystem. Your grant request has been approved. We will coordinate over DM on telegram


Thanks to the ICON Foundation for the approval of this grant, we’re really glad to provide the best tools for the ICONists.