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Project: Iconix - Web3 Bounty Portal
Category: Community Activities

Iconix Monster is NFT project that banks greatly on its community for strength. Iconix Monster relies on extraordinary community support. In other words, its development is community-driven. The community decides on resources control and the process of development of the project, spreads the word about the project and gets involved in a variety of initiatives

Iconix Monster’s vision is to drive ICON Blockchain adoption through community engagement


  • Involve the community in every activity. Eg : Learn To Earn, Share To Earn, Write To Earn, Try To Earn and ETC
  • Create a web3 bounties portal


Iconix Monster aims to create web3 bounty portal on the ICON Blockchain. Iconix web3 bounty portal expected to provide better services for icon community, blockchain start-up and investors. Basically, what Iconix web3 bounty portal does is provide token incentives to members of tokenized project’s community. So when the community members make valuable contributions to the project’s ecosystem, they get incentives and rewards.

One of the major benefits of using Iconix web3 bounty portal is the unhindered access it has to the crypto community, especially to the top influencers within and outside the crypto community. By tokenizing the rewards and incentives for contributing members, more members get attracted, and with lots of activities going on, it becomes easier to attract investors that will contribute immensely to the project’s expansion.

Iconix web3 bounty portal provides opportunities to projects that are looking to expand and scale, and thus provide better opportunities for projects looking for funding.
Iconix web3 bounty portal is similar to https://layer3.xyz but Iconix web3 bounty portal focus on ICON Blockchain .

Main tasks on Iconix Web3 Bounties portal

  1. Learn To Earn
    Participants will be asked to learn a certain topic eg: Icon Introduction.
    At the end of the lesson there will be a quiz that they have to answer
  2. Share To Earn
    Participants will be asked to perform social media tasks.
    eg: Create a Twitter thread why ICON blockchain can be a solution for the DeFi platform
  3. Write To Earn
    Participants will be asked to create an article on their blog, medium, steemit.
    eg: Create article why ICON blockchain is better than Ethereum
  4. Try To Earn
    Participants will be asked to try the Dapp/platform on Icon Blockchain
    Eg: Add liquidity to Balanced Network with a minimum of 100$ and hold the position for 1 week

15,000 bnUSD

The funds will be used to hire full-stack web developers, DevOps engineers, as well as, UI/UX testing/development, marketing, and the hosting cost of the site.

-Team Developer = 6 month x $2000 = $12000
-First Bounty (Learn To Earn) = $3000

It is targeted that development will be completed within 6 months

  1. Design UI/UX => 1 Month
  2. Bounty Portal Development => 2 Months
  3. Bounty Portal - Wallet Integration => 2 Monthss
  4. Launch Learn To Earn Campaign => 1 Month

Website: https://iconix.monster

From this proposal I lack to understand the connection between the proposal and the project that you are “Iconix Monster - NFT project”. Also this kind of small challenges you are proposing are not bringing “valuable” users in my opinion. They do some small tasks to earn some quick money, but with all the tasks you are proposing they are not really using the ICON blockchain. They’re simply writing or learning about a blockchain that they never used.

So much of the funds are gone in building a (in my opinion) very simple web portal, as the portal barely got to interact with any smart contract and simply should pay out challenges which are easy to check if they are done.

Don’t think ICON need such marketing proposals, but more into the deep learning so users can really experience the advantages of the ICON blockchain.

Do you have any user story docs on how someone would be posting the bounties and how they would validate this?