Iconex Wallet- Vital for the Icon ecosystem

Hi everyone

I was hoping to get clarity on who is maintaining the Iconex wallet? (i have read a few things around this and am not sure, hence asking)
This is a critical piece of software and with a lot of dapps launching on Icon it would be great to see what is in the works for the Iconex wallet.

Just look at wallets like Tronlink (i know i should not even have to compare the 2) But you can see a lot of work has been done on Tronlink and if your new to the Tron ecosystem, you don’t have to go hunting for what Dapps are on the Tron network, its all there!

I am sure the rest of the community would love to see a plan around this asset, just like what the preps submit for grants. It would create some accountability by the asset owner.

The above is meant in the most constructive way possible and should not be seen in any other way.

Also when i say new users i mean existing blockchain users who decide to venture into a new blockchain ecosystem




Would you be able to shed some light on who owns this asset?
We are keen to write up a proposal to continue building out this piece of software.

We actually have a different direction in mind that we’ve moved forward with but is yet to be announced. Stay tuned it will be made public in the coming weeks