Icon4Education is offering the community "Twitter Educational Grants"

The talent from the ICX community has amazed our team of teachers and we would like to offer up to three “twitter educational grants” a month.

  1. Each grant will be worth up to 100 ICX ($10 per hour of work)

  2. Your grant request needs to be a mention to @4_Icon followed by your contribution. No direct messages are allowed.

  3. You need to review our twitter and add value to our education for the Icon Community.

  4. Examples would be Icon Itachi creating Icon4Education a “specialized educational animation”. https://twitter.com/animatedAD/status/1221726672292106245

  5. We will respond on twitter within 3 business days to decide on approving the grant.

  6. Spend between 1 to 3 hours creating your “twitter educational material.”

  • When posting your final product on twitter you need to:
  1. Mention your “educational tweet” to our twitter @4_icon.
  2. You will need to add the following hashtags: #ICON, #Iconproject, #ICX, $ICX to your tweet.
  3. You will be paid in ICX after you complete your contribution.
  4. This is fun and we want to give you the opportunity to be creative and contribute to our educational materials.
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