(Icon4Education) ICON PREP. Read about our contributions funded by votes (Not requesting grant)

A. Let’s Simplify Blockchain / Weekly Hand-Drawn educational material that educates the greater community and newcomers about Icon.
B. An educational game will be made that directly relates to our weekly hand-drawn material.
C. A growing catalog of quiz games for Iconist to use for multiple purposes.

  1. Community Activities- Educational Content (Hand-Drawn Material)- Community Educational Engagement (Community Game)

  2. The problem- We view that most blockchain companies have a hard time relating their technology to an “average interested observer.” Our PREP team wants to help solve this problem. Icon4Education is made up of educators from the United States and will create one hand-drawn educational material a week for Icon. Even though we communicate online virtually everyday it is hard to reach new users and we feel “hand-drawn” educational material with a corresponding community game is a unique educational approach for the Icon community. Yes, we are taking it a step further by adding a game that goes along with our educational material.

  3. One hand-drawn educational material a week along with a corresponding game.

  4. Per follower on twitter we have had tremendous success and here is a recent example. This does take a lot of time do come up with these educational activities.

  1. The community can use our hand-drawn material and games to help newcomers join ICON’s family. We need more educational materials to showcase how Icon can make the world more productive. Again, we “simplify blockchain” with our hand-drawn materials and games to help Icon reach a wider target audience.

  2. Icon4Education is asking for $75 per week in $ICX (or whatever the Icon Foundation thinks is fair) for our unique weekly educational hand-drawn material and games. You can see from our twitter we are creative and professional. Our teams puts in a total of 40 hours a week as explained below but are asking for a grant based on 7.5 hours of work for this weekly educational activity.
    Icon4Education’s team members have multiple masters degrees in business and education and are National Board Certified teachers in the United States. We know how to make learning engaging, exciting, and fun.

  3. Icon4Education@gmail.com, https://twitter.com/4_icon

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I think this is great idea but needs to be more specific in order to get grant. We will see what we can do thanks !

Icon4Education wants to follow our current strengths with educational hand-drawn materials. With YouTube’s recent ban on some crypto videos we don’t feel like a monthly competition is in the best interest of Icon at this time. Thanks Ben, you can tell we have given this grant a ton of thought and just want to contribute and do what is best for Icon.

Could you attach the details of budgeting assumptions to make sure that your budget makes sense?

Sure, again please review our twitter to see examples. They will continue to be more focused on educating the community. Also, Icon can email us on specific requests for our weekly material.

  1. Two team members spend 5 hours a week researching topics that need clarity or creativity to educate a greater audience (10 hours). Not asking for the $10 per hour here, this is done on our time. Then another (22 plus hours) on future education for ICON not related to our hand-drawn lessons.
  2. One team member comes up with the plan of the material, rough draft, and objectives (3 hours)
  3. One team member draws the final copy of the weekly hand-drawn educational material (1.5 hours).
  4. One team member reviews our educational materials feedback and reflects on areas to improve (3 hours).
    *Our teams puts a total of 40 hours a week into ICON but are only asking for the 7.5 hours a week at $10 an hour when we are actively creating and reviewing our educational material. We are public school teachers in the USA and hope you find value in our work and what we offer!
    *We are fine with a grant of any amount and are overjoyed to uniquely and positively educate greater target audiences for global adoption. We really enjoy being creative and have a lot of fun working together!

Examples below!

  1. What is Parallel Processing? https://twitter.com/4_icon/status/1216196183347154945
  2. Why is there a need for a private and public chain?https://twitter.com/4_icon/status/1212217316580233217
  3. Binance.US listing is a real big deal!https://twitter.com/4_icon/status/1213911577860198401

Thanks for considering and please give feedback! As teachers we always want to improve and do what is best for our students. We feel the same passion for Icon so thank you in advance for reviewing our grant.

thanks for the kind reply. we will review again and let you guys know thanks!

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Thank You Dr. Ben and BongAnHa for the positive feedback. To be clear to the community our team works for Icon many hours a week not just the 7.5 hours (Our grant request).

*In education our salaries average 70k which makes our hourly rate right at $30 per hour.
*We are asking for $10 (1/3 of our educators rate) per hour to give more than we receive.

*We have decided to add a fun game that will go along with each of our weekly hand-drawn material. We feel having the community actively engaging in our weekly material will offer a greater education experience than the hand-drawn material alone. We look forward to the possibility of being awarded Icon’s grant! The educational game below does not directly relate to this weeks educational material but the following weeks will have a direct relation.

Dr. Ben and BongAnHA, we are working overtime but let us create a weekly hand-drawn material with the game linked and then decide if this will add value to ICON. We don’t want a grant unless we add value. Let us put together a weekly hand-drawn material and game attached before deciding if you want to support us for our work. The twitter post will be attached to this response when finished:) . Thank you for your patience as educators we constantly improve so bear with us:)

Okay, this is our weekly vision for Icon (Our grant request). This does take a lot of time and we appreciate the possibility of a grant. We want to continue to offer this type of education for Icon:)

We are humbled to receive support for our work from top PREPS in the Icon ecosystem.

This grant will also fund a growing catalog of quiz games for lasting educational value!

I think education is much needed in the blockchain space. E.g. Coinbase and Binance realize that and spend significant resources on improving the situation.
I like what Icon4Education has been doing so far and think that incentivized quizzes are a good form to motivate people to learn something. Some topics could even be supported by an advertising campaign to broader cryptocurrency community like r/CryptoCurrency.

Icon4Education: Charge your standard rate. You won’t get any extra points for de-valuating your time.

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Tomas it means a lot to our team to have your support for our work! The grant process for us has been amazing and even if we dont get approved the process really helped jumpstart our team to educate “outside the box” to reach current and future Iconist. This is just the beginning and again thanks for recognizing our work!

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I really like your idea and your hand drawing but just need more time to review.

Dr. Ben,

Additional ICX was not our goal as you can tell by our request. We used this grant process to challenge our team to offer education that is unique and fun for the community. Our goal was validation from the foundation for our work and have received it. Thank you!!!

Again, we are not asking for any ICX and thank you for saying you like and support our work!

This grant request has ended:) Thank you so much:)