ICON2-Full disk space (2TB)

Hello Everyone,

My ICON2 instance is almost full disk space (94%/2TB), there are some current infra info:

  • EC2 in AWS, with 2TB with MBR partition.
  • Disk space taken: 94%/2TB, just has about 100GB remaining.
  • Can not extend anymore with MBR partition over 2TB,
    Could you please give me some idea how to address with this big problem. Hope to hearing from everyone soon, thank you so much.

I think the most obvious solution would be migrating to a bigger sized partition, right?

Hello Every one,

Just sharing my steps to handle this case:
1: Build the new node with some requirements as below:

  • The root volume with GPT partition, test increase disk space.
  • Start the new ICON with new key
  • Wait for the synchronization finish, verify the last block.
    2: Re-place the old key to new node:
  • Copy the old key to new code, edit the docker-compose file
  • Stop docker on old node, restart docker in new node in the same time
  • Check the synchronization status on new node.
  • Terminate the old node after new node works as expectation.

Hope my steps can help some one, thank you so much.

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