ICON x Web3Campus powered by Cointelegraph

1. Title
ICON x Web3Campus powered by Cointelegraph

2. Project Category

  • Community Activities

3. Project Description
Please consider the link to our deck: DocSend

Web3Campus powered by Cointelegraph is an online educational platform for learning Web3 skills and professions. We solve the problems of difficult field immersion and the lack of professionals capable of building innovative products on Web3.

Web3Campus builds a safe place to learn in a real-work simulator and engages students through Learn2Earn mechanics. This way, through ICON-related courses, we bring 1K new developers to the ecosystem.

4. Project Duration (Maximum of 6 months)
6 months

5. Project Milestones
The sum of the grant will go entirely and only to ICON integration. Categories are:

Product 130,000$:

  • Courses and Quests fully related to ICON -45,000$- How to build DeFi projects course; two mini-courses and two quests. Jan - Mar’ 23
  • Learn2Earn -20,000$- Reward mechanics to stimulate students to use ICON infrastructure tools, increase course completion and encourage the best students. Jan’ 23
  • W3C:Jobs and Digital Identity - $35,000 - Decentralized Identity for student’s traction and company-employee interaction built on ICON blockchain - May’ 23
  • Contribute2Earn - $30,000 - Reward mechanics to incentivize users to create content, tasks, and guides. May’ 23

Marketing and Adoption 150,000$ + 665,000 ICX

  • Marketing of ICON Courses only and support of students - $150,000 - The sum will be spent on performance and content marketing, community growth, influencers, and webinars. Jan - May’ 23
  • Rewards for L2E & C2E - 665,000 ICX - Rewards in ICX to incentivize our users. Until May’ 23

6. Funding Amount Requested
$280,000 + 665,000 ICX