ICON Vote Stagnancy Proposal

Hey everyone,

I’ve written up a proposal in an attempt to tackle the problem of Voter Stagnancy on the ICON network. This proposal is in its most basic of forms; I would love if you could check it out and provide feedback on it. While this proposal does not solve all of the issues of voter stagnancy for ICON, I do hope it can lead to a positive conversation about it.

Thanks guys.



Thank you for sharing this ICON Buddy.

I completely agree that the timing in which reconfirmations are prompted (i.e., during the claiming of the I-Score) is really a critical moment. This works doubly because ICONists are already used to receiving a message when they claim I-Score.

With regards to the bonus, it’s a novel idea but I fear that this can lead to a more complicated voting process as you already pointed.

However, I do wonder if there is a way to have financial rewards for more active voters, even if it’s not directly from a boost of I-Score, or even in relation to a wallet, perhaps in a different implementation.