ICON Tokens on a CEX

ICX as a crypto currency is widely available on many exchanges. This is good for volume and visibility. Especially when there are exciting things, people can fairly easily get some $ICX.

But what I miss is that in all projects running on ICON the tokens are not available on CEX. This could be a real game changer when this gets realized. Think of: $BALN, $FIN, $CFT, $OMM, $GBET, $FRMD, $BST, and probably more I am less aware off.

As posting it on a CEX will attract more attention to the projects and generate volume as well!

Some questions/thoughts I have:

  1. Is it technical hard to get a token on a exchange that is already having $ICX? (I would assume not)
  2. Is it possible that ICON foundation can help the community in here?
  3. Should we not team-up and get an ICON CEX (at least with reasonable reputation) to list all the projects, where perhaps a packaged deal is better than each project try seperatly?

Or is publishing to a CEX so risky that it should be not considered. Let me hear your thoughts!

The first issue that comes to mind is volume.
CEX usually remove any pairs that don’t meet a volume threshold, especially at this stage in the cycle. Many base coins are struggling to meet these thresholds on exchanges and as such pairs are being dropped. For tokens on a relatively small blockchain like our own I could see this being a struggle.

Perhaps when we see xCall use and projects like Gangstaverse are able to reach a wider audience there could be some purpose in listing GBET or CROWN, much like the gaming tokens of other chains.

True forgot, if a volume is required for an exchange it will become more difficult.

Than only bigger projects probably could be an option like BALN and CFT. But still require a bull sentiment, but you do see that small caps are sometimes picked up by influencers. But downside there it will not be sustainable but hype growth. Ofc returning new funds for more development…