ICON Republic Periodic Report #3

Report Name: ICON Republic Periodic Report #2

Reporting Period: October 19~ November 20th 2020

Report Description: We have discussed the completed figma design in depth with the ICON Foundation members, Min Kim, and Bongan Ha, and have decided to incorporate additional elements to the structure of the ICON Republic. We were also requested to change the development method of the webtsite.

Progress in Reporting Period:

You can read about our detailed plans here which includes the updated structure of the website and what it aims to do: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TYgH-szW0nMvoOTolw2q2uPkWcA-JhupH5_wFuXuIsc/edit

Project Completion Percentage:

We were done with the design, but are looking to edit some of the structure as we received feedback from the ICON Foundation members a few days ago. We are also going to require a bit more time to develop the website, as the Foundation has requested a different method to development which will take slightly longer. We expect to have the site launched around two weeks from now.

Remaining Time to Completion:

2 weeks from now.

Expected Results for the Next Period:

The completed website published.

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