Icon Reddit tip-bot

  1. Title – Icon Reddit tip-bot

  2. Project Category – Development (with strong impact on community development)

  3. Project Description – Icon Reddit tip-bot is a fun way to engage the community & onboard new Iconists, by tipping Reddit users who post useful or entertaining content related to Icon. Reddit has over 430 million active monthly users. Other coins, such as Dogecoin, have used this strategy. Doge famously had a Reddit tip-bot, now Doge is #5 on CoinMarketCap and the tip-bot may be part of why it achieved this success.

  4. Project Duration (Maximum of 6 months) – 2 months

  5. Project Milestones –
    a) test development (does tip-bot functionality work in a test environment)? 2 weeks
    b) test live (does tip-bot functionality work live)? 1 week
    c) launch 1 week
    d) QA 4 weeks to test & fix any bugs

  6. Funding Amount Requested – 4,000 icx.
    2,000 icx for developer fees for 2 months ($4,000 USD).
    2,000 icx for project manager fees for 2 months ($4,000 USD).

Hello everyone, I’m an experienced Technical Project Manager, and I’ve been working closely with a developer for two years. For a corporate client, we built a full-stack SAAS solution and onboarded 20,000 users and won a top industry award. I’m told by my developer that it will be very difficult to implement the Reddit tip-bot, but we will be happy to work on this and do our best to make it happen.

I’m open to making this software open source. My goal is to increase public awareness of Icon and get the word out to 400 milion+ Redditors. Let’s keep making more cool things happen with Icon. Cheers!

I think we already have one developed by iconation

Oh cool! Can you point me in the direction of where I can find this?

Would be terrific to popularize this on Reddit. Cheers

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Sorry, I don’t know the details @Spl3en can help you with it.

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Hey there,

Our project got very far but was put on a hard pause. Regulatory uncertainty was our primary issue. If a centralised tip bot takes custody of funds then the operator potentially has a plethora of legal concerns.

Secondary to that is the issue of functionality. People don’t want their ICX sitting stale somewhere not working for them ie they want to be earning staking rewards or have their ICX invested in something.

Reliant Node has built a fantastic product http://marvelous.io I use this for tipping. We decided the R/R on offering a tip bot service was not worth it and carried on working on other projects.

Lastly we have seen Reddit introduce moons to r/cryptocurrency and to the fortnite subreddit. I envision these sorts of features will be rolled out to other subreddits in the coming months/years adding extra incentives.