Icon Powered Open Source Social Network. Looking for fellow interested P-Reps

Hello all,

I have reached out to the Open Source Social Network about setting up a social network for Iconists and others as well that will incorporate the ICONex wallet for each user so each like, thumbs up, share, reaction generates a transaction on the Icon network. In short, each user would be rewarded in ICX for good content and users that are active would earn ICX for posting good content.

I think it would be simple to incorporate the wallet into the GUI given they built it and it’s Open Source. I think users would like getting tipped in ICX and each post reaction could have a micro transaction that goes to the content creators wallet.

Big media sites take from us, I hope other P-Reps are interested enough to give me some feedback and/or be on the team that tries to get it implemented. Basically we could monetize good content with ICX within the platform they implement for us and allow users to gain revenue for things that big social sites steal from us. It’s just an idea I had on the bean bag, but I did send them an email requesting a quote and honestly it would be really fun to see happen.

Give then a look over, and if you have any questions or ideas hit me up. I don’t really want to run this but it’s a fun idea so a consortium of P-Reps would be ideal.

Y’all take it easy,

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Hi Dusty this sounds very good, can you expand more on the conversation you had with them, as I mentioned on my reply to you on twitter this is the first time Im reading about this platform so im interested in knowing what other projects or companies are using it.

They way you describe it, it looks similar to that the steem community has, you can publish articles and readers can give you steem tokens to support you if they like your content.

I have been looking for an alternative to Medium to post my articles since I honestly dont like the free limit restriction they implement.

to summarize on what I would like more information on, here is a list:

  • What did they asked in terms of payment (if any) for integrating ICON?
  • Are they going to build the integration or are they expecting us to allocate the developers to do it?
  • What other communities are already in there so we can check out how the platform works and how much traffic it has?

Anything else you would like to share would be great, and if you need people to help you out I would be happy to do it, I would just need more specifics on how I can help!

thanks for this work Dusty!