Icon Pilipinas: P-REP Proposal

1. Proposal introduction (What)

ICON network is a very promising blockchain project, making use of smart contracts, interoperability, and a creative governance system, referred to as Delegated Proof of Contribution (DPoC), which encourages active token holder (voter) participation via the ability to earn staking rewards. However, to the average “layman” person out there, the previous introductory sentence can too easily be dismissed because it can come across as intimidating “tech jargon” (which is non-comprehensible, and thus too difficult to understand).

While the ICON Project has many talented tech teams working hard to build up its core technology, a “bridge” to the masses is also required.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

There are currently over 76 million active Pinoys on social media, which represents 71% of the total population in the Philippines. The average time spent on social media per user is over 4 hours/day in the Philippines, which is tops in the entire world according to: https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2019/08/25/1946329/filipinos-spend-most-time-social-media-world-poll

Therefore, from a marketing perspective, the Philippines is a market that should not be ignored.

By reaching + educating the common person (masses) via social media we will become an important bridge that helps #ICONProject achieve mainstream adoption and its ultimate goal of hyperconnecting the world.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

With an emphasis on social media marketing (i.e., Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) via original VLOG-inspired content (a blend of fun/goofy/uplifting/motivational/educational is what we have in mind, but always ICON-related, of course), our objective at Icon Pilipinas is to reach a new, wider audience base that might not otherwise know about ICON.

In addition to relying on the aforementioned “giants” of social media, we also intend to host regular meet ups, social gatherings, educational courses/seminars/lectures, write blog posts on Medium, promote Telegram chats, etc. which we believe are other essential tools that need to be utilized to help build a thriving local ICON community within the Philippines.

Over time, once our presence in the local community is firmly established, reaching out to local influencers, businesses, and others who could provide a strong helping hand to further help us accelerate the growth and interest in the ICON Project is not out of the question either.

At Icon Pilipinas, we strongly believe in the power of the “network effect”. Word of mouth. Ultimately, no matter how amazing the core technology of ICON or any other blockchain project may be, it will need to establish an equally formidable community/communities in order to unlock its full potential.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

Month 0-1: Establish Icon Pilipinas social media accounts for: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram.

Month 1-6: Produce original content and actively work towards growing followers on social media. Run ad campaigns. Importantly, be an accessible resource for new users who start to develop a growing interest and want to learn/discuss more about ICON. Host local meet ups, gatherings (online sessions via Zoom or other platform may also be required).

Month 6-12: Start reaching out to influencers and look to materially grow social media following, which in turn should help ICON gradually become more and more of a household name/topic of conversation here in the Philippines.