Icon Pilipinas Community Building Report #3 (September 2020)

Icon Pilipinas Community Building Report #3

Reporting Period

August 20, 2020 to September 19, 2020

Report Description

Icon Pilipinas first applied for a Grant Application on June 22, 2020.

KPI #1: Number of members in Telegram group

The Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat has achieved the following growth:

Members: 459 (on June 22); grant start
Members: 1,518 (on July 21); month #1
Members: 3,361 (on August 19); month #2
Members: 4,032 (on September 19); month #3

Target: 2,200 (after 3 month); target achieved

KPI #2: User engagement on Telegram

Furthermore, we have boosted our engagement to the following:

Daily messages: 566/day (on June 22); grant start
Daily messages: 4,631/day (from June 23 to July 21); month #1
Daily messages: 5,795/day (from July 22 to August 19); month #2
Daily messages: 5,442/day (from August 20 to September 19); month #3

Target: 2,000 to 3,000 messages/day (after 3 months); target achieved

Icon Pilipinas Combot data:

The Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat is consistently ranked in the top #10 of all Telegram chats in the Philippines, by Combot data/analytics, as shown below:

KPI #3: Facebook reach
Reach and Impressions: 757,595; 1,005,641 (from June 23 to July 21); month #1
Reach and Impressions: 974,951; 1,278,273 (from July 22 to August 19); month #2
Reach and Impressions: 809,044; 1,063,380 (from August 20 to September 19); month #3

KPI #3 Target: 1.0 million/month; target achieved

Our team made strong efforts to advertise ICON on our Facebook page, targeting to hit ~1 million reach/impressions for the duration of this grant. Also, as will be shown in the following section, to achieve an added boost in engagement on Facebook, our team has relied heavily on ICX News Ngayon.

KPI #4: ICON-focused promotional events (AMAs, live interviews, featured stories, raffles, ICON promotional events hosted on our social media channels, etc)

Activities: 7 (from June 23 up to July 21); month #1
Activities: 7 (from July 22 up to August 19); month #2
Activities: 7 (from August 20 up to September 19); month #3

KPI #4 Target: 5-6/month (each month for duration of grant); target achieved

Event #1: Crypto Bharat AMA
Our commitment to market and promote ICON (particularly on social media platforms such as Telegram) got started off this reporting period with an AMA event hosted by Crypto Bharat (a leading crypto community based in India), on August 29, on their Telegram chat.


Similar to our past AMAs, this AMA with Crypto Bharat provided us a wonderful opportunity to expand our reach, try new things, and reach an entirely new audience.

The feedback we got from this AMA event from the host was very humbling: “To be honest this was indeed the best ama till date :see_no_evil:

We’re always looking for new ways to promote and grow ICON awareness, and that’s what these AMA events are intended to accomplish.

Event #2: CoinKeeper Raffle

The Icon Pilipinas team attended an AMA event with CoinKeeper World back on August 15, and as a continuation of our marketing partnership with CoinKeeper, a $100 raffle event (worth of ICX prizes) was recently launched.

To date, there have been 811 total entries submitted.

We will be distributing prizes to raffle winners shortly.

Also, CoinKeeper World helped us design some ICON stickers for Telegram, which our community is actively using:


Here is what the stickers look like, when individually applied:

Event #3: Blockchain CORE Community AMA
On September 12, our team attended another AMA event, hosted by Blockchain CORE Community, a fast-growing crypto community, based in Vietnam.

This event was well attended, and we are happy to report back that a good number of attendees of the BCCore AMA have since joined on as members of the Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat.

Event #4: ICONbet GIF Wars!
Icon Pilipinas partnered up with ICONbet to launch ICONbet GIF Wars! in September, which is intended to be a fun event, allowing community members to showcase their creativity for a chance to win prizes.

Community submitted ICONbet GIF Wars! entries can be viewed here:

Here are some GIF examples:


ICONbet_@Ge3Mac00 copy



Event #5: ICON TikTok Battle!
Icon Pilipinas also launched the ICON TikTok Battle! event on September 5, after a successful trial “soft launch” at the end of August/early September showed positive interest and response from community members.

To help market the official event (which is scheduled to be on-going through September 27), our team published the following promo video:

Dancing, singing, memes, artwork, etc. are highly encouraged, as this event is intended to promote ICON awareness to a much broader general audience, in a positive, fun way, that helps community members laugh and bond.

Here are some examples:

TikTok #1

TikTok #2

TikTok #3

And you just never know what fresh ideas and approaches will emerge when you give people the opportunity to express their creativity:

The event is still on-going, and we are very much looking forward to seeing what entries come in next from the Icon Pilipinas community.

Event #6: ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time!

Since the start of the grant, to help provide a strong boost to engagement on our Facebook page, Icon Pilipinas has been offering 100 PHP prepaid load to winners of ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time (which takes place each Saturday, with results being posted usually by Sunday night).

We are happy to report back that it appears that ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time is proving to be quite effective, as we are gaining more “top fans” on Facebook, and witnessed a sharp increase in shares/likes/comments, as a result of this weekly event.

In fact, in an effort to boost engagement even further, our team has upped the prize pool from 500 PHP (5x winners) to 1,000 PHP (10x winners), each week.

Here is the most recent ICX News Ngayon Episode 13 Quiz Time on Facebook:

And shown below is an example of the type of engagement we wanted to see increased for our Facebook posts:

Episode 13 of ICX News Ngayon

ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time has become a staple event for our social media, and we would very much like to keep this event going for the foreseeable future…

Event #7: ICON KABOG!

ICON KABOG! with our host miss Charlotte (which takes place on Friday and Saturday night, each week) has also been instrumental in helping Icon Pilipinas grow our Telegram chat, both in terms of followers and engagement.

Here is an example of the content featured on the most recent ICON KABOG!, on September 19:

Here is an example of what “Marvelous Hunting” is:

ICON KABOG! continues to be a main staple in our events package and we attribute much of our growth on Telegram to this key component.

KPI #5: Number of YouTube subscribers

We are actively working on growing our YouTube channel:


Subscribers: 237 (on June 22); grant start
Subscribers 602 (on July 21); month #1
Subscribers 1,029 (on August 19); month #2
Subscribers 1,268 (on September 19); month #3

KPI #5 Target: 1,000 (after 3 months); target achieved

Since our last update, the Icon Pilipinas team has published 6 new videos on YouTube:

Here are the links to each individual video:

Again, we have to reiterate, the current grant is helping us tremendously by giving us more resources to both film and edit more video content. The aforementioned videos are published by Icon Pilipinas on both our YouTube and Facebook pages.

Project Completion Percentage
Completed all planned events for this reporting period.

Remaining Time to Completion
This is the final month of current grant.

Expected Results for the Next Period

Materials Proving Progress on the Project

Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat: https://t.me/icon_pilipinas
Icon Pilipinas OFFICIAL Announcements on Telegram: https://t.me/iconpilipinas
Icon Pilipinas Combot stats: https://combot.org/c/1370909449/a?start=2020-07-01&end=2020-07-21
iBriz Tip-Tap Bot Dashboard: https://icontiptap.ibriz.ai/
Icon Pilipinas Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IconPilipinas/
Icon Pilipinas YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkwvlG2636SqqtjOYAxOhQ
Icon Pilipinas Twitter: https://twitter.com/IconPilipinas
Icon Pilipinas August 2020 Transparency Report: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-pilipinas-august-2020-transparency-report-41ac0bfb667f

Review of each KPI (Key Performance Indicator) or specific goal/milestone
All KPIs were highlighted earlier in the report, and have been satisfied.

Review Result Comments

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