Icon Pilipinas Community Building Report #2 (August 2020)

Report Name

Icon Pilipinas Community Building Report #2

Reporting Period

July 22, 2020 to August 19, 2020

Report Description

Icon Pilipinas first applied for a Grant Application on June 22, 2020.

KPI #1: Number of members in Telegram group
Since that time, we have grown our Telegram chat to the following:

Members: 459 (on June 22); grant start
Members: 1,518 (on July 21); month #1
Members: 3,361 (on August 19); month #2

KPI #1 Target: 2,200 (after 3 month); target achieved

KPI #2: User engagement on Telegram

Furthermore, we have boosted our engagement to the following:

Daily messages: 566/day (on June 22); grant start
Daily messages: 4,631/day (from June 23 to July 21); month #1
Daily messages: 5,795/day (from July 22 to August 19); month #2

KPI #2 Target: 2,000 to 3,000 messages/day (after 3 months); target achieved

Icon Pilipinas Combot data:

On a relative basis, here is the ICON Project Combot data:

Further, the Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat is consistently ranked in the top #10 of all Telegram chats in the Philippines, by Combot data/analytics, as shown below:

On a global scale, we are pleased to report that Icon Pilipinas most recently ranked #366 out of a total of 42,297 Telegram chats, tracked by Combot data/analytics, as shown below:

Our chat makes heavy use of tipping bots (a highly necessary tool to maximize engagement from users, in our humble opinion), such as the iBriz TipTap Bot (https://icontiptap.ibriz.ai/), which has produced the following numbers for us, thus far:

Our team also makes liberal use of the tipicon Bot on our Telegram chat, however, unfortunately, we do not have the tipping data on hand to share…

KPI #3: Facebook reach
Reach and Impressions: 757,595; 1,005,641 (from June 23 to July 21); month #1
Reach and Impressions: 974,951; 1,278,273 (from July 22 to August 19); month #2

KPI #3 Target: 1.0 million/month; target achieved

Our team is still making strong efforts to advertise ICON on our Facebook page, targeting to hit ~1 million reach/impressions for the duration of this grant. Also, as will be shown in the following section, to achieve an added boost in engagement on Facebook, our team has relied heavily on ICX News Ngayon.

KPI #4: ICON-focused promotional events (AMAs, live interviews, featured stories, raffles, ICON promotional events hosted on our social media channels, etc)

Activities: 7 (from June 23 up to July 21); month #1
Activities: 7 (from July 22 up to August 19); month #2

KPI #4 Target: 5-6/month (each month for duration of grant); target achieved

Event #1: AMA Series AMA
Our team was a special guest at the AMA Series AMA on July 25, on their Telegram chat.

This was a great opportunity to grow ICON with a new audience, and we were particularly excited to see that 447 questions about ICON #askICON were submitted by the AMA Series community before the start of the event.

Furthermore, upon conclusion of the event, the host of AMA Series was kind enough to single out our AMA with them as being “the best AMA so far” on their channel.

We’re always looking for new ways to promote and grow ICON awareness, and that’s what these AMA events are intended to accomplish.

Event #2: FutureICX AMA
Next, our team played host to another AMA event, this time staying within the ICON community and inviting nblaze of P-Rep team Midos to our Telegram chat to promote their release of FutureICX. The event took place beginning on July 22 (AMA session) and lasted until the end of July 26, with follow-up games and best Twitter/Telegram questions being answered each day (3/day) by nblaze on our Telegram chat.

You can read the full FutureICX AMA recap via the following link below:

Here’s the promotional flyer for the AMA, and round 1 of questions:

And the subsequent post-AMA promotional flyer and Round 2 of questions:

The total prize pool for this event was 600 ICX, with nblaze and P-Rep team Midos generously helping us to sponsor the event by giving out 500 ICX to the Icon Pilipinas community.

Event #3: CoinKeeper AMA
Our team was a special guest at the AMA Series AMA on August 15, on their Telegram chat.

Here is the promo flyer that CoinKeeper created to help us promote the AMA event:

Also, our marketing partnership with CoinKeeper got underway with ICON being featured on a TeamCore article, published on August 2:

Leading up to the AMA event with CoinKeeper, two promo videos were published by Icon Pilipinas to hype up the community and to further promote ICON:

CoinKeeper AMA Promo with Jenny

CoinKeeper AMA Promo with host Maria Shwarden

Both promo videos were uploaded to the Icon Pilipinas YouTube and Facebook pages.

Here are some ICON-related questions that came up during the AMA:

The feedback we got from the CoinKeeper community following the AMA was also very positive:

As always, we’re very excited and happy to take part in these type of AMA events to help better promote ICON awareness to a wider global audience. As shown with the past 2 AMAs (AMA Series and CoinKeeper), our team has no reservations with branching outside the PH network of crypto communities.

Event #4: Road to 3,333

Next, our team wrapped up the Road to 3,333 referral event on our Telegram chat, successfully achieving our goals and rewarding participants ~700 ICX tokens for their engagement.

In the future, we will look for more opportunities to grow our social media channels, via: raffles, giveaways, etc.

Event #5: ICON GIF Wars!

Icon Pilipinas launched the ICON GIF Wars! event on August 12, kickstarting it with this promo video:

Originally, our plan was to reward participants from a prize pool of 100 ICX tokens, and the original event was scheduled to end on August 19. However, due to much more engagement and activity from the community than we had anticipated receiving, our team decided to bolster rewards by 5x, increasing the prize pool to 500 ICX, and further extending the event until the conclusion of August 23.

At this time of writing, we are ecstatic to report back that 100+ GIFs have been submitted by the Icon Pilipinas community:

We would highly encourage all ICONists to please take the time to click the Medium link above and browse through the vast array of ICON GIFs that we’ve received so far. Our team is extremely proud of the effort put forth by the Icon Pilipinas community, which is home to many deeply passionate ICONists.

Event #6: ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time!

To help provide a strong boost to engagement on Facebook, our team has been offering 100 PHP prepaid load to winners of ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time (which takes place each Saturday, with results being posted usually by Sunday night).

Here’s an example of ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time, on Facebook, for August 8:

We make sure to share any ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time announcements on not only Facebook, but also on our Telegram official announcements channel, as well:

So far, we are very happy with the engagement and active participation we are getting for ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time, so we would like to keep this going for the foreseeable future…

Event #7: ICON KABOG!

ICON KABOG! with our host miss Charlotte (which takes place on Friday and Saturday night, each week) has also been instrumental in helping Icon Pilipinas grow our Telegram chat, both in terms of followers and engagement.

Here is an example of the content featured on ICON KABOG! on August 7:

ICON KABOG! has quickly become an important main staple in our events package and we attribute much of our growth on Telegram to this key component.

KPI #5: Number of YouTube subscribers

We are actively working on growing our YouTube channel:


Subscribers: 237 (on June 22); grant start
Subscribers 602 (on July 21); month #1
Subscribers 1,029 (on August 19); month #2

KPI #5 Target: 1,000 (after 3 months); target achieved

Since our last update, the Icon Pilipinas team has published 9 new videos on YouTube:

Here are the links to each individual video:

CoinKeeper AMA With Icon Pilipinas and Host Maria Shwarden (August 15, 2020)

ICX News Ngayon Episode 9: NEOPLY Joins the ICON Network

CoinKeeper AMA With Icon Pilipinas (August 15, 2020)

Band Protocol Integration Into ICON Network (Real-World Data Conceptual Example)

ICX News Ngayon Episode 8: Band Protocol Integration Into ICON Network

ICON GIF Wars! (from August 12 - 19, 2020)

ICX News Ngayon Episode 7: VisitMe Real-World Adoption in South Korea

ICX News Ngayon Episode 6: Ledger support for MyIconWallet is here!

ICX News Ngayon Episode 5: FutureICX is Here!

We have to say, the current grant is helping us tremendously by giving us more resources to both film and edit more video content. The aforementioned videos are published by Icon Pilipinas on both our YouTube and Facebook pages.

Project Completion Percentage
Completed all planned events for this reporting period.

Remaining Time to Completion
1 more month of current grant.

Expected Results for the Next Period
Main focus will be to keep meeting our KPIs and continuing to look for new ways to promote and grow ICON.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project

Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat: https://t.me/icon_pilipinas
Icon Pilipinas OFFICIAL Announcements on Telegram: https://t.me/iconpilipinas
Icon Pilipinas Combot stats: https://combot.org/c/1370909449/a?start=2020-07-01&end=2020-07-21
iBriz Tip-Tap Bot Dashboard: https://icontiptap.ibriz.ai/
Icon Pilipinas Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IconPilipinas/
Icon Pilipinas YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkwvlG2636SqqtjOYAxOhQ
Icon Pilipinas Twitter: https://twitter.com/IconPilipinas
Icon Pilipinas July 2020 Transparency Report: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-pilipinas-july-2020-transparency-report-9e899d27a8f0

Review of each KPI (Key Performance Indicator) or specific goal/milestone
All KPIs were highlighted earlier in the report, and have been satisfied.

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