Icon Pilipinas Community Building Report #1

Report Name

Icon Pilipinas Community Building Report #1

Reporting Period

June 23, 2020 to July 21, 2020

Report Description

Icon Pilipinas first applied for a Grant Application on June 22, 2020.

KPI #1: Number of members in Telegram group
Since that time, we have grown our Telegram chat (https://t.me/icon_pilipinas) to the following:

Members: 459 (on June 22)
Members: 1,518 (on July 21)
KPI #1 Target: 1,500 (after 1 month)

KPI #2: User engagement on Telegram

Furthermore, we have boosted our engagement to the following:

Daily messages: 566/day (on June 22)
Daily messages: 4,631/day (from June 23 to July 21)
Daily messages: 5,376/day (from July 1 to July 21)
KPI #2 Target: 1,500 to 2,000 messages/day (after 1 month)

We have experienced strong growth on our Telegram chat, and we are most excited about the significant increase in engagement, which we attribute a large degree to the following:

ICON Kabog! (Quizzes, Games, Prizes, & More) was incorporated into our chat room activities officially on July 6.

Now, regularly on the Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat, ICONists and any new members to our chat have the opportunity to earn ICX/TAP tokens by engaging in events, such as the following:

Here’s a sample question on a multiple choice ICON quiz:

And winners:

Our chat makes heavy use of tipping bots, such as the iBriz TipTap Bot (https://icontiptap.ibriz.ai/), which has produced the following numbers thus far for us:

Group - Icon Pilipinas
Total Tip Txn on Group: 3,430 Txns
Total Rain : 101 Txns
Total GIveaway: 6 Txns

*The stats shown above were obtained directly from the DApp developer.

Here are some additional stats for the iBriz TipTap Bot:

KPI #3: Facebook reach
Current reach and impressions: 757,595; 1,005,641 (from June 23 to July 21)
Current reach and impressions: 731,595; 966,062 (from July 1 to July 21)
KPI #3 Target: 1.0 million/month

To help boost our Facebook engagement, our team launched ICX News Ngayon on July 7, which is published on both Facebook and YouTube.

To date, we have published 4 full episodes, plus a brief introduction video.

KPI #4: ICON-focused promotional events (AMAs, live interviews, featured stories, raffles, ICON promotional events hosted on our social media channels, etc)

Current Activities: 7 (from June 23 up to July 21)
KPI #4 Target: 5-6/month (each month for duration of grant)

Event #1: BTSE Philippines AMA

Our team was a special guest at the BTSE Philippines (https://t.me/btse_philippines) AMA on June 27, on their Telegram chat.

Event #2: FutureICX Competition Promo Event

Further, we partnered with nblaze of P-Rep team Midos to start promoting the release of FutureICX on our Telegram chat, towards the end of June, with the event concluding on July 1.

Here is the final announcement made on July 1, by nblaze, announcing the winners of the event (in total, there were 213 unique entries (active participants) made, in 24 hours):

Event #3: Road to 1,500 Raffle

To help promote and grow our Telegram chat, we held the Road to 1,500 Raffle on July 1, with the event concluding on July 5.

Event #4: CryptoCommunity Marketing YouTube Live Interview

Next, our team attended a YouTube Live event with CryptoCommunity Marketing to discuss ICON; the replay of the event can be found here: https://youtu.be/QP9C7ZGE_2k

Event #5: ICON Kabog!

As mentioned earlier, a new regular event, ICON Kabog! was launched on our Telegram chat, in early July.

Event #6: Blockchain Infinity AMA

Our team had a most recent AMA with Blockchain Infinity (https://t.me/Blockchaininfinitychat) on their Telegram chat, on July 11.

The full event transcript is included below:

Event #7: ICX News Ngayon Weekly FB Quiz

Coinciding with the launch of ICX News Ngayon, our team has started offering prizes on our Facebook page, for anyone who watches our videos and passes a quiz (which is posted on Saturday at 4 PM); we have had two quizzes, so far.

Here’s an example of our latest quiz (with results posted on July 19):

KPI #5: Number of YouTube subscribers

We are actively working on growing our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkwvlG2636SqqtjOYAxOhQ).

Subscribers: 237 (on June 22)
Subscribers 602 (on July 21)
KPI #5 Target: 500 (after 1 month)

Project Completion Percentage
Completed all planned events for this reporting period.

Remaining Time to Completion
2 more months of current grant.

Expected Results for the Next Period
Main focus will be to get closer to 2,200 members on Telegram, and 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. Will keep pursuing AMA events, raffles, other activities to grow and promote ICON.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project

Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat: https://t.me/icon_pilipinas
Icon Pilipinas Combot stats: https://combot.org/c/1370909449/a?start=2020-07-01&end=2020-07-21
iBriz Tip-Tap Bot Dashboard: https://icontiptap.ibriz.ai/
Icon Pilipinas Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IconPilipinas/
Icon Pilipinas YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkwvlG2636SqqtjOYAxOhQ
Icon Pilipinas June 2020 Transparency Report: https://medium.com/@iconpilipinas/icon-pilipinas-june-2020-transparency-report-27fcf677073b

Review of each KPI (Key Performance Indicator) or specific goal/milestone
All KPIs were highlighted earlier in the report, and have been satisfied.

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Thank you for your work and we are happy to see you are succeeding in hitting KPIs so far

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