ICON P-Rep Meeting Notes: February 22nd, 2020

Below is a summary of the weekly P-Rep meeting on February 22nd, 2020.


  • Kevin (Radiofriendly): ICONation
  • Geo Dude: ICONBet
  • Dusty: Icon-4-Business
  • Manos: Blockmove
  • Corey: Ubik Capital
  • William: RHIZOME
  • Catalyst
  • Fidel: Iconespana
  • Ian: POS Bakerz
  • Avi: ICON Chicago

Topic 1: What are the competitive advantages of ICON and how can we stimulate Dapp growth?


  • Foundation’s involvement,
  • Transaction speeds
  • Fee 2.0
  • Attending meetup.com blockchain developer events in major US cities
  • Critical to ensure that ICON is competitive in a technical sense

Action Items: Create an infographic that highlights the advantages of ICON vs. other platforms. Corey from Ubik Capital volunteered to take on the effort. He is looking for technical P-Reps & community members to collaborate on the effort.

Topic 2: How can we capitalize on ICON’s Broof adoption initiative in our local markets?


  • Opportunities for Broof are quite limitless
  • How do we get the ball rolling on adoption?
  • Broof is still being built and it is not yet ready for global use
  • Can Broof be replicated, or is Broof the only solution we should be moving forward with?
  • Website: https://www.broof.io/

Action Items: P-Reps thinking ahead about how to promote Broof adoption. Perhaps targeting smaller colleges once the product is ready for global use.

Topic 3: Which P-Reps are actively contributing to the network and which are not? How can we tell?


  • Review of 2infiniti’s https://icon.community/iconsensus/prep_all_projects/ page which is now ready for use
  • Discussed whether or not the other solutions that were started to measure P-Rep contribution were still being updated
  • Discussed working to promote this page to P-Rep teams in order to provide contributions, then directing the link to the community to review contributions
  • Discussed https://iconecosystem.io/
  • Discussed some of the concerns related to these contribution quantification pages
  • Noted that it is great to have a page that lists contributions, but not all voters take the time to educate themselves. We need to find solutions to educate voters in the simplest ways possible.
  • Need to identify multiple fair ways to present contribution information that targets voters of all different kinds
  • Considered situations and solutions that other platforms are experiencing such as EOS

Action Items: Encourage P-Reps to utilize the new contributions page and direct ICONists to it to review contributions. Additionally, several other solutions need to be considered and implemented as well. No one solution will fit all, so this cannot be the last effort. Ongoing discussion to determine solutions.

Topic 4: (Continuation from last week) Updating the voting page


  • Considered a solution where voters would be presented with a Q & A form that asks about their interest
  • Considered a short list of bullets that provide guidance to voters on how to support and promote decentralization
  • Strong support for adding more guidance and information for voters on the voting page
  • Considered adding a link to the contribution quantification portal on the voting screen
  • Discussed what some of the specific bullet points would be on the voting screen while noting that it is critical to keep the page from being cluttered - We need to keep a clean look to the voting page while still providing voters with information to help them make informed decisions

Action Items: Catalyst to work with a committee to further refine bullet points and reach out to the foundation team to further discuss implementing these changes. Ongoing discussions in future meetings. (Need to figure out look + how to implement)

Round table discussion:

  • Discussed proposing that an amount of unused ICX be subject to a burn (Manos: Blockmove)
  • Corey from Ubik brought up ICON Core - Looking for an update. Radio to provide Corey with an update
  • Dusty (Icon-4-Biz P-rep) looking forward to

Thank you for the notes :pray:

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