ICON P-Rep Community Meeting notes - April 25, 2020

Icon Public-Representatives Meeting April 25, 2020

Meeting minute created by [ICONist Tom] (https://twitter.com/tmccarthyv94?s=09)

Main Topics of Discussion:

  • Ways to grow ICX Value
  • Binance Spanish AMA
  • Virtual Consensus

Ways to grow ICX Value

Action Items:

  1. P-reps with strong programming skills need to improve SCORE developer documentation.
  2. Create a forum post with different telegram channels. P-Reps can spend time answering questions from people in the Telegram groups.
  • Establish stronger collaboration between P-reps.

  • Bring stronger awareness of Icon to other crypto communities.

  • People have a misconception that Icon is a South Korean project. How can we tear this myth down? We need to inform people that Icon is a global project. Extra steps are needed to educate people that ICX is not just a South Korean project.

  • Problem: Need to find ways to attract SCORE developers. Need to update SCORE documentation to onboard new developers. Very few people know how to program in SCORE. Current developer document is very vague and it needs more details. Is there a way to build tutorials on how SCORE will be used? Stack overflow pages?

    • Python developers struggle with SCORE programming since SCORE uses very simplistic python language.
    • P-rep creating SCORE class in May?
    • API Documentation also needs to be updated.
  • Need to generate transactions on the network. Tipping function for social media? Users on social media currently don’t receive payments for data they create, is there a way to reward influencers with a tipping function using ICX? Icon.Bet- peg the amount of ICX to social media?

    • Build real world scenarios where people use Icon without requiring users to know how to use blockchain.
    • Build fun games that people can play (checkers, chess, dominos). Require users to have just enough ICX to pay for transactions.
  • Need to strike the right balance between both short and long term growth of Icon

    • Short-term: awareness through marketing PR and media. Talk about current projects. Make sure that masses are aware of ICX growth. Continue tweeting and spreading positive milestones when Icon and P-Reps make improvements.
    • Long-term: Tipbot, onboard new dapps, education of the Icon ecosystem, Defi?
  • Hackathon at Hyperconnect. Sponsor more hackathons? Programming experts will need to be available to help answer questions during the hackathon.

    • Can we build a FAQ or GitHub repo to provide permanent answers to questions?

Binance Spanish Icon AMA

  • Problem: many Spanish speaking communities are unaware of Icon. Spanish Telegram groups have very little engagement related to ICX since no one speaking about the project.

  • Increase engagement of Icon in Spanish speaking communities.

  • Coordinate AMA date with P-reps to ensure there are people with programming knowledge who will be available to answer technical questions.

    • Airdrop ICX to all AMA participants? Tipping 5 ICX per question?
    • Refer back to previous AMA’s and prepare a list of questions that people usually ask. Need support from Spanish speaking people to create topics.
    • Invite community members to the Binance Spanish Icon AMA. P-Reps can tip users with ICX.
  • Promote AMA once a date has been finalized.

Virtual Consensus

  • It’s difficult to weigh investment and ROI for virtual consensus.

  • Should we have our own virtual AMA’s in telegram or zoom. Host panels?

  • It will be important to share details on virtual consensus. Need to use the Icon Marketing channel more often.

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