ICON Network - Hard fork general notice

Hi everyone,

ICON network will receive a major upgrade in the coming days (hard fork). The ETA is not exactly defined.

If you are a P-Rep, make sure you are in the “ICON P-Rep MainNet” Telegram channel or contact Telegram: Contact @nymkappa so he can add you.

If you run a node, please upgrade loopchain to the latest version before October 26th (see the changelog and instructions here https://icondev.io/release-notes/2021-10-12).

Further instructions for setting up the new node for ICON2 (goloop) will be provided through https://forum.icon.community/ and will be announced via our Twitter account (https://twitter.com/helloiconworld), on Telegram: Contact @icondevs and Discord (https://discord.gg/A8rUCZ2B).

We expect some down time during the upgrade for a couple of hours. Unexpected technical issues could prolong this downtime and we will inform the community in real time if that’s the case.

The public endpoint (https://ctz.solidwallet.io/api/v3), will not receive new transactions during the downtime.

We will notify you again when the hard fork process starts.

Thank you for your cooperation.


It seems the loopchain update instructions are not clear for everyone. Please find the instructions here to update your loopchain node.

You have until October 26th to update. Thank you.

If you are P-Rep

  1. Check your docker image tag settings in docker-compose.yml
    If you have hardcoded the tag number, change it to the plain tag below:
    image: ‘iconloop/prep-node’ # it will be download the latest version

  2. Enter the following commands in order:
    docker-compose pull
    docker-compose down
    docker-compose up -d

If you are using snap

If you’re using citizen pack

Release TAG : 20211012.0
Packages :


Download package file


Download citizen pack


Get package checksum file


Get citizen_pack checksum file


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Please find a tentative schedule for mainnet network migration. Datetime is in KST.

P-Reps, please make sure to fill up the ICON2 node IP address collection form provided in the P-Rep mainnet telegram channel (I don’t want to post it here to avoid being spammed).

10/25 10:00    Backup the current snapshot db and upload - DONE
10/26          Test with migrated real ICON2 data - WIP
10/26          Deploy the guide documents - WIP

10/27 11:00    [PREP] Start the stage 2

11/03          Start the stage 3 (The schedule can be moved up.)
11/03 22:00    [Exchange] Stop deposits and withdrawals on exchanges
11/03 23:00    [FOUNDATION] Send a proposal, public endpoints are disabled
11/04 01:00    [PREP] Complete the proposal consensus   (Decide whether to roll back ?)

11/04 01:00    [FOUNDATION] Upload the latest DB of ICON2.
11/04 05:00    [FOUNDATION] The DB of ICON2 upload has completed.
11/04 05:00    [Exchange] Start downloading
11/04 10:00    [Exchange] The DB of ICON2 download has completed.

End of migration process.