ICON Marketing Campaign - French Market // Europe

Hi guys,

Following the debates and discussions we had on the Discord and Twitter, we came with a marketing strategy plan for 2022.

The goal here is to show your the financial potential of the French Market and make ICON shine.

As a well established French marketing agency and crypto investors, we do think we would have the skills and knowledge to come up with a great strategy for ICON.

Many others projects with less fundamentals than ICON are promoted across Europe, and it’s really frustrating for all the community.


To launch this campaign we would need at least 35 000 ICX.

I’m looking forward to answer the questions you might have.

PS: This proposal will be submited at the CPS but we would love to get your feedback.


La Perle Digitale

Can’t access document.

You should be able to review it now :slight_smile:

Honestly, I doubt TV + ads will help. If you want to target mass majority, I think a better way is to help ICONFI expand its reach. Its like asking newbies to learn what HTTPS is. But not the app/services thats using the protocols.

It’ll be more effective reaching out to L1 blockchains and get big influencers to endorse BTP. Like the “Scott Smiley” of Solana, or other big apps.

It seems like a waste of resources to be funded by the CPS.

The marketing team has done a good job by reaching out to Algorand for example, and to apply a grant to build a bridge for them. That is a good first step. The next few good steps would be incentivising them to use our bridging solution. I think that’s also mentioned in ICON 2.0 party which many people have missed.


Hey @laperledigitale - just went through your presentation and I have a couple points of feedback:

  1. I would like to see more details about both your company, as well as your team and their background.
  2. Which French influencers are you already working with in the Crypto market?
  3. Where is your data source for French market overview and potential?
  4. Personally I don’t think “traditional” forms of marketing such as “TV” and “Radio” will be a good use of funds to reach crypto folks unless you’re an exchange like FTX or Coinbase. I admit I could be wrong on this point though
  5. I would like to see a specific cost/budget breakdown for your campaign as opposed to “at least 35,000 ICX”

Overall I think it’s a good “high-level” start, but needs more details and information if it is likely to pass through the CPS.