ICON Mainnet Migration Text Proposal

Hello everyone.

As mentioned previously, we are ready for the network migration. It’s time for ICON 2.0 mainnet!

As you know, P-Reps ultimately decide of what the network is or should be.

Therefore, the ICON Foundation would like to submit this text proposal before getting started with the network migration process. Feel free to share your feedback and please cast your on-chain vote as soon as possible.

You can also find this proposal on-chain in the tracker: ICON Tracker

Thank you.


ICON Mainnet Migration Text Proposal

The ICON Foundation is submitting this proposal to obtain P-Reps approval over the network migration process from ICON1 to ICON 2.0. The migration process is described below.

Upon approval of this proposal, the ICON Foundation will start the network migration process immediately.

Stage 1 (Database migration)

Expected duration ~10 days

In this first stage, the ICON Foundation will migrate ICON1 database to ICON 2.0 format. The Foundation will also prepare backups and seed nodes during this first stage.

P-Reps will be able to verify the result independently once completed.

Stage 2 (P-Reps start goloop)

Expected duration 2~4 days

In this second stage, all P-Reps get ready for ICON 2.0. P-Reps download and run the new node software (goloop) and import the new database generated in stage1. We all wait for all P-Reps to reach the current chain tip.

Stage 3 (ICON 2.0 activation on mainnet)

Expected duration 1~2 days

In this last stage, the following step will be followed:

  1. Stop all ICON1 citizen nodes (ctz.solidwallet.io public API is deactivated)
  2. The ICON Foundation submits a network revision proposal vote to activate ICON 2.0
  3. ICON 2.0 consensus activates once the network revision proposal is approved by P-Reps
  4. The ICON Foundation prepares ICON 2.0 backup database for citizen nodes
  5. Restore citizens nodes with the backup
  6. Restore ctz.solidwallet.io public API